Laser – Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment for Women in UK

Laser hair removal for women is not only very popular worldwide, but also locally where my UK clinic is located. Most of our clientele are Asian
with fair skin and dark hair, and they are the ideal candidates for the treatment.

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Discover Why Laser Hair Removal for Women Has Become So Popular

There are many reasons for due to which women are opting for laser hair reduction treatments. Some of the most common ones that listed below:

Religious Reasons
Some women decide to have laser hair removal for religious reasons. There is a large Muslim population near our branches, and many female clients have their hair removed to follow Muslim religious laws.

Medical Reasons
Some of our clients visit our salon for medical reasons. For example, many women suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or hirsutism, medical conditions that can cause an excessive amount of hair to grow on the body. We also get a lot of clients that suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Laser Hair Removal to Improve Self-Confidence

Improving your self-confidence is yet another reason for the popularity of this treatment amongst women. Recently, many young girls in their late teens or early twenties want to remove their unwanted hair.

Their mums often bring them to our clinic because they are worried that their daughters are not confident. No young girl wants to be hairy because they may be teased at school.

We are happy to perform laser hair removal for young women. However, please note that the minimum age for the treatment is 18 years.

In fact, we have clients of all age groups, but the most popular is 28 to 40 years. This age group usually purchases our full body package, whereas our younger clients who are 21 and under often opt for the facial treatments because of the affordability.

Men Who Recommend Laser Hair Removal for Women

Spouses or boyfriends of our female clients often recommend that they undergo laser hair removal. Some men simply don't like their women being hairy. Husbands who are tired of their wife having a beard will sometimes enter our salon and tell us to "sort her beard out".

Hygienic Reasons

Hollywood laser hair removal for women is also very popular (all of the hair removed from the pubic area) because women like that clean feeling.

Waxing that area is painful and can cause bleeding and peeling skin. Fortunately, the laser we use at our salon doesn't do that and is safe and painless.

Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Women at CoLaz

At CoLaz, several female clients visit us for hair reduction treatments for different parts of their body. Therefore, we have defined packages to suit their needs. Given below is a list of the most popular treatments packages that we offer in UK.

  1. Facial Hair Reduction (This includes Chin, Neck, Upper Lip, Sideburns and Cheeks)
  2. Full Body Package (Arms, and Legs, mostly come under this package)
  3. Underarm Laser Hair Removal Package (For women, visiting the parlours every 15 days can be troublesome. This is why many of our clients are availing the super-effective and affordable underarm hair removal laser treatment.
  4. Pubic Hair Removal (Under this, you can get rid of your pubic hair. Also, laser treatment for bikini area is offered.)

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