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Acnelan: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Acne

Revolutionise the Skin You’re In

Acne is a common condition among young people and adults that can affect
individuals long-term.

Here at CoLaz we are excited to announce the latest addition to our
range of cosmetic treatments.

The Acnelan medical peel offers truly deep cleansing for those with acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin.

acne treatment

At CoLaz, we know how menacing acne can be and do not treat the skin condition lightly. We understand how debilitating and psychologically-sensitive the issue acne can be for those who suffer from it.  Not does acne only affect young adults it can also affect you later in life caused by different triggers.  Most predominantly they come down to stress and hormones.

When people experience stress, the adrenal gland secretes hormones like cortisol, and with that and rogens.  In some individuals, that’s enough to make the oil glands secrete more oil and cause acne too. Seborrhoeic skin is indicative of rashes which appears in those areas of the dermis with large numbers of grease-like (sebaceous) glands on them.

For much more detail about all the different types of acne there are, please check out our fully comprehensive information page dedicated to the skin problem here.

Acne Classifications; According to lesion type

With our new peel we can treat acne grades 0 to 3, however if you are suffering with severe form of grade 3-4 acne then you will need to be seen by a specialist doctor. We suggest you come in for a free consultation for us to access your skin and categorise the grade of acne.

Acne Classifications

The Acnelan Treatment

Colaz Acnelan Treatment

The Acnelanpeel delivers a cross-cutting solution to treat the numerous factors that trigger acne. Acnelan targets the pilosebaceous units within the structure of the skin that are comprisedof the hair follicle and sebaceous gland. They are most abundant on the face, chest, and back. It is these units that harbour acne.

It combines an intensive 2-week pre prep home treatment followed by a clinical treatment, which will only be administered by skincare professionals such as a nurse or doctor, in clinic. Thereafter you will continue with the home care products. Depending on the grade of acne treatment range from 1-3 in clinic sessions.

Acnelan procedure

Step 1: You will book in a free consultation and you skin will be assessed

Step 2: If you are the right candidate for the treatment you will be given products to prep your skin two weeks prior to the peel being applied

Step 3: You return to the clinic for your Acnelan peel.

Step 4: You return how after your peel and start to reintroduce your prep products back into your regime after 48 hours / according to your specialist recommendations

Step 5: You will return to the clinic after 21 days to have your second Acnelan peel or if your acne was mild then your skin will be assessed, and no further treatment will be required. Remember this will all be discussed in your consultation and how many sessions you will be required depending on the grade of acne.

How and why this treatment works?

The full treatment works in harmony for the deep cleansing and integral renewal of acne-prone skin. The peel has a unique formula that fight against the different factors that determine acne.

Acnelan acne  treatment works

Before & After

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At Home Skincare Routine

Acnelan products

The Acnelan treatment continues between the clinic sessions with a daily skincare routine at home and you should continue with this routine, as prevention is the key to ensuring your skin is looking and feeling the way you want it to.

Your home care routine will consist of the following products:

 Acnelan daily cleansing foam to cleanse, calm, and soften skin

Acne One is your moistures which helps with sebum production and has depigmenting properties to reduce post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne

Collagen 360 Essence to reactivate vital functions of the skin

Mineral Matt SPF 50 which helps to protect your skin and offer hydration at the same time

Acnelan Acne Peel FAQs

How many treatments will I require?

Well this is all dependable on the grade of acne. Some clients require one treatment other client may require a minimum of three sessions. If your acne is very severe you may require follow up sessions after 5 months once you complete your initial treatment. Book in for a free consultation so your personal skin specialist can assess your skin.

What is the benefit of the homecare products?

Given the etiology of acne and seborrhoea-prone skin and its physical and emotional consequences, the constancy of the treatment is absolutely essential. The home care product line has been specifically designed as a convenient and efficient way of optimising and also maintaining the effects of the intensive clinical treatment.

What effects will I experience after the treatment?

The skin may be red and sensitised immediately following treatment and may start to lightly shed.

How long does the treatment take to perform?

The treatment may take around 30 minutes to perform.

Are there any post treatment recommendations?

For two weeks after the treatment session, patients must avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sun beds, direct heat, saunas and swimming pools.

Say goodbye to acne once and for all and uncover revitalised skin with CoLaz and Acnelan.

Book in for your FREE consultation here to discuss your skin condition. Our CoLaz experts will tailor a custom treatment package designed to help you personally.

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