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CoLaz is the leading laser hair removal and skin care clinic in London, providing expert treatments for all types of skin. We specialize in dark skin and use medical grade lasers to ensure our customers receive the best possible results.

Our other services include chemical peels, electrolysis, microdermabrasion, Anti-wrinkle and skin tag removal. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you!

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Laser Hair Removal London Treatments

CoLaz Clinic, 'the place to be' for laser hair removal. We are specialists in the field of Laser Hair Removal and have been offering our services since 1996. With over 20 years experience with lasers, we can confidently say that at CoLaz you will find a service provider who is passionate about their craft as well as knowledgeable on all things related to hair solutions!


How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal utilizes a concentrated beam of light to destroy the melanin in your follicles, which is why it's so effective. The Alexandrite and Nd Yag lasers are both capable of destroying enough hairs that you'll notice significant hair reduction after just one session (but be prepared to return for more treatments).


You may feel slight heat as the laser targets these dark cells—it’s because this procedure takes place at such high temperatures.


The laser emits a cool air flow to make the treatment more comfortable, and it helps soothe any redness that may happen following your appointment. After each session you can apply aloe vera gel as many times as needed for soothing relief!


The Main Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective method for achieving permanent reduction. After 6-8 sessions, you can achieve up to 90% reduction and compare this to a lifetime of shaving or waxing laser hair removal has proven much more cost-efficient in the long run.


The laser also serves as an excellent treatment option for ingrown hairs which will be reduced by 75% after 2-4 sessions; patients typically notice substantially less redness, bumps, skin pigmentation problems with any remaining ingrown clearing up within days!


Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Before starting your laser hair removal journey, you'll have a free consultation with one of our highly trained Consultants. During the appointment, they will speak to you and explain what's involved in getting rid of unwanted body hair on various areas.


Depending on which area is being treated; we may recommend different settings for the machine than those used during other parts of the process or use more powerful lasers that are safer but less efficient if needed.


Your skin type determines how long treatments should be - 95% of people who come here can get the treatment done safely!


The consultant will then advise you based upon their knowledge and experience as well as taking into account personal preferences about how quickly desired results happen- so choose wisely!


Laser Hair Removal Practitioners And Safety

CoLaz Clinic London is a professional clinic that specializes in laser hair removal for men and women. All of the skin technicians at CoLaz have multiple years of experience, not to mention they are certified experts with level 4 laser safety training!


In order to make sure your treatments go smoothly; all clients undergo a quick skin test (patch test) before any treatment begins so you'll know if there's an issue beforehand. What makes this even better?


The wonderful team consists solely of female technicians who understand how important it is for some people to feel comfortable during their session - no matter where on the body they need help or want results from our professionals' expertise!

Treatments Available at CoLaz Laser Hair Removal London Paddington Clinic

Electrolysis Hair Removal at London Paddington

Electrolysis Hair Removal at London Paddington

Electrolysis hair removal is available at our clinic in London Paddington. It is an effective hair removal treatment for those difficult to treat, such as the upper lip, chin, or neck. This process works by sending a small electrical current through your skin that penetrates the root of each hair follicle which subsequently destroys it.
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Laser Hair Removal - Private areas

Laser Hair Removal - Private areas

Are you looking to get rid of unwanted hair from your bikini line, Brazilian or Groin area? Then, laser Hair Removal is the treatment for you. The laser works by targeting dark pigmentation in the area and stimulating it to prevent further growth permanently. The process takes a few minutes and requires no downtime to be carried out just before work and on weekends.
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Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

CoLaz in London Paddington specialises in laser hair removal for black and dark skin and can safely remove unwanted hairs from the face, chest, back or legs. Laser light is absorbed by the pigment in each individual hair follicle resulting in a permanent reduction of that particular hair growth with no penetration whatsoever into surrounding tissues.
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Skin Blemish Removal in London Paddington

Skin Blemish Removal in London Paddington

Did you know that skin blemishes, such as milia can be removed in just 15 minutes from one easy treatment? Our specialists' team at London Paddington will assess your skin and recommend a treatment plan to suit you. Any treatments must be tailored to your skin, but it's best if you go through a consultation before undergoing any procedure.
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Skin Treatments at London Paddington Clinic

Skin Treatments at London Paddington Clinic

We specialise in providing a wide range of treatments to help restore skin damage. We offer a variety of treatments at our clinic, such as chemical peels and diamond peel. In addition to these treatments, we also provide Anti-wrinkle injections for wrinkle reduction or moderate to severe acne treatment.
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    Meet the Team at Laser Hair Removal in London Paddington

    The staff are fully qualified and trained technicians and beauty therapists in our laser hair removal London clinic. They hold Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy (QCF) and laser hair removal qualifications as well as beauty certificates. They have helped Colaz serve more than 5,000 laser treatments successfully and also 1,000's of beauty treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of laser hair removal is dependent on the area size of each treatment. At CoLaz, we offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs and budget.
    We specialize in dark skin and use medical grade lasers. We also perform chemical peels, electrolysis, microdermabrasion Anti- Wrinkle and skin tag removal.
    Each client's experience varies depending on the area of the body being treated, the number of treatments needed and their own hair growth cycles. You will be provided with a personalized treatment plan customized to your needs.
    A good candidate is someone who has a dark skin tone and wants to have an even skin complexion. They should also be over 18 years old.
    Laser hair removal can cause redness, swelling or blistering in localized areas of the body where treatment takes place. These symptoms dissipate within days after treatments stop.
    Compared to waxing, shaving or other methods of hair removal the answer is yes. And it's not just about making you feel more comfortable in your own skin - laser hair removal also helps to prevent ingrown hairs which can lead to infection.

    It takes between six and twelve treatments for a person with light body hair before there are noticeable results. The number of sessions will depend on the thickness of hair growth and dark pigmentation.
    The average is eight treatments across four weeks to achieve a desired result. We usually recommend between six and ten sessions for the full Brazilian, depending on how hairy someone is.
    It's not advisable to discontinue treatments after you have seen good results. Laser hair removal can be time consuming and expensive so it's important that you give yourself enough time to see progress before stopping or changing your course of action.
    If you have white or red hair, you may not be suitable for laser treatment.

    How long does a full body laser session take? This depends on how thick your hair is, but a full session usually takes about an hour.
    There are some areas that cannot be treated by laser such as tattoos because it's too deep into the tissue beneath the surface of your skin.
    The most common side effects from treatment include redness, swelling or itching for a few hours after a session. These typically go away on their own but they can be treated with over the counter medication
    Your first visit takes about 45 minutes. We'll discuss which treatments are best suited to your needs and outline any possible risks in detail before we get started. You come in for one session every six weeks until all of your unwanted hair has been removed.
    Some people find laser hair removal to be painful, while others find it quite tolerable.

    Each person's pain tolerance is different, so we'll go over this in detail before your first appointment. For some people the redness and swelling last a few hours but for others it may take up to two days or longer.
    The number of sessions needed varies from person-to-person. We would recommend four to six per area (face, legs) depending on how dense the hair growth is at that location.

    It can also depend on their skin tone with darker skins requiring more sessions than lighter ones due to the difference in pigment levels between dark and light hairs.

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