CoLaz, One of Only a Few Trusted Clinics for Laser Hair Removal in Reading

CoLaz is a medical-grade laser hair removal company that provides effective and affordable treatments for all skin types. We use the latest technology in our clinic, so we can provide you with the best possible results. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience at our clinic.

If you’re looking for an expert team who will listen to your needs and provide professional care, then come visit us today! We offer free consultations and will work one-on-one with each client until they are happy with their results. You deserve nothing but the best treatment from start to finish, which is what we strive for every day.

We also have other advanced treatments such as Hydrafacials, which provides radiant skin and helps with acne. Skin tag removal is another treatment that we offer, and we have many high strength chemical peels suitable for all skin types.

Treatments Available At CoLaz Laser Hair Removal in Reading

HydraFacial Treatment at Reading

HydraFacial Treatment at Reading

Our popular hydrafacial treatment at our Reading clinic is a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure that delivers all the benefits of microdermabrasion combined with exfoliation and extraction. It's perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimising blackheads or whiteheads, removing acne scars, and being an excellent treatment for congested pores.
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Electrolysis Hair Removal at Reading

Electrolysis Hair Removal at Reading

Electrolysis hair removal is available at our clinic in Reading. It is an effective hair removal treatment for those difficult to treat, such as the upper lip, chin, or neck. This process works by sending a small electrical current through your skin that penetrates the root of each hair follicle which subsequently destroys it.
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Laser Hair Removal - Private areas

Laser Hair Removal - Private areas

Are you looking to get rid of unwanted hair from your bikini line, Brazilian or Groin area? Then, laser Hair Removal is the treatment for you. The laser works by targeting dark pigmentation in the area and stimulating it to prevent further growth permanently. The process takes a few minutes and requires no downtime to be carried out just before work and on weekends.
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Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

CoLaz in Reading specialises in laser hair removal for black and dark skin and can safely remove unwanted hairs from the face, chest, back or legs. Laser light is absorbed by the pigment in each individual hair follicle resulting in a permanent reduction of that particular hair growth with no penetration whatsoever into surrounding tissues.
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Skin Blemish Removal in Reading

Skin Blemish Removal in Reading

Did you know that skin blemishes, such as milia can be removed in just 15 minutes from one easy treatment? Our specialists' team at Reading will assess your skin and recommend a treatment plan to suit you. Any treatments must be tailored to your skin, but it's best if you go through a consultation before undergoing any procedure.
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Skin Treatments at Reading Clinic

Skin Treatments at Reading Clinic

We specialise in providing a wide range of treatments to help restore skin damage. We offer a variety of treatments at our clinic, such as chemical peels and diamond peel. In addition to these treatments, we also provide Anti-wrinkle injections for wrinkle reduction or moderate to severe acne treatment.
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    We have experienced electrolysis experts with many years of experience, which means that you can trust the quality of our service.

    Relax with one of our excellent massages that will heal the body and the mind. We offer a wide variety of advanced beauty salon treatments, skincare and hair removal treatment 5 min walk from Reading West Train St. There is free 30 min parking outside the premises on Oxford road or 2 hours free parking on the side roads.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can see hair reduction immediately however you will have to keep using laser treatments for a few weeks before the results become more obvious.
    Side effects can depend on your skin type and sensitivity to treatments, but most people experience redness, swelling or a burning sensation.
    You will need to undergo a treatment course of laser hair removal before the results are noticeable.
    Yes, we can also use them for your upper lip and bikini line with some excellent results!
    Side effects may depend on your skin type, but most people experience some redness, swelling or a burning sensation.
    Yes, they can also help reduce hair from your upper lip and bikini line with effective results!
    No, laser hair removal will require several sessions before you notice the full reduction in hair.
    Some people prefer to start with their underarms, bikini area and bottom lip first due to these being more sensitive skin types.
    Laser Hair Removal is described as feeling like a gentle snap or rubber band snapping against your skin. With each session, you feel less and less pain since the laser only targets hair follicles with fewer sessions needed to achieve results.
    For just one session of laser hair removal the price is usually around £20-£150. However, as with any treatments it will depend on your skin type and how many sessions are required to achieve complete results.
    Laser hair removal is safe and highly recommended for anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair permanently.
    The benefits include not having to worry about shaving, waxing, or plucking again laser hair removal is a permanent solution that can last up to twelve months with just one session. As well as this it is far more cost effective than shaving or plucking and with laser hair removal there is no physical pain.
    The number of laser hair removal sessions needed varies from person to person and it's recommended that you start with a course of six sessions at least 4 to 8 weeks apart, followed by maintenance courses as required.
    Most people experience some degree of hair shedding after laser; it is a natural process and should be no cause for concern.
    There are few risks associated with laser treatments, most side effects can be reduced or eliminated by improved treatment technique. There may also be increased risk to dark skinned individuals due to sensitivity issues so it's important to consult your laser consultant before proceeding with treatment.
    At CoLaz we have a team of highly experienced and qualified laser hair removal professionals who will talk you through the whole process, answer any questions you may have and only go ahead if it is safe for you to do so.

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