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Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis safely and permanently removes all types of hair from all skin groups. Electrolysis permanently destroys the growth cells of the hair follicle, preventing treated hairs from ever growing back.

Electrolysis Hair Removal: Permanent Solution You Need

It's time to escape the painful, waxing sessions that never end. At CoLaz, we have many alternatives for hair removal, such as laser and electrolysis hair removal, which are just what you need!

The Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal:

Permanent solution to your problem with unwanted hair. You won't have to worry about pesky stubbles anymore!

No pain involved, unlike other methods such as waxing or laser treatments which may cause discomfort in some sensitive regions. Our electrolysis technician is well trained and will be able to do a thorough job without making you uncomfortable in the process.

The treatment lasts for hours depending on how much work needs to be done, making it great value for money too!

The technician can focus more attention on one area at a time instead of trying to cover larger surface areas like when using lasers or waxing techniques; meaning that they can target each strand and get rid of it quickly and efficiently

Electrolysis – The Option for Everyone

No one hair removal procedure works for each person. Waxing can have several possible side effects, whether you have sensitive skin or not, and threading is not suitable for large areas of body hair.

Even laser hair removal isn't ideal for every body type, working most effectively for people with light skin and dark hair. Therefore, the laser can be an inadequate treatment for anyone with light, fair, red, grey or fine hair.

Over 100 years, electrolysis hair removal has been recognised as one of the safest, most reliable and successful treatments, making it the number one procedure for everyone.

Our staff will be happy to meet you and discuss the best solutions for your specific situation. We'll help you experience the freedom and long-lasting effects of Electrolysis as soon as possible!

While laser hair removal may be long lasting and able to treat large areas at once, it works great for some skin/hair types only. Electrolysis offers a permanent solution after just a series of sessions and provides a greater success rate for all.

It's Permanent – Find Out Why

Electrolysis hair removal is applied by pricking the area of skin to be treated with a fine needle-like electrode, which then administers a small electrical current.

This current kills the hair at the root, and then each follicle is manually removed by an experienced technician. The procedure is just like a stinging/pricking sensation.

Due to these reasons, Electrolysis is a more successful treatment for permanent hair removal through costlier procedures than waxing and threading alternatives.

People living in the United Kingdom are burdened by some health conditions that make hair grow abnormally fast and thick.

Genetics also plays a significant role in a person's predisposition to excess hair growth. For many, constantly shaving or waxing is more of a necessary medical side effect than a beauty regime.

Electrolysis hair removal can be the miracle cure for those who feel they have run out of options. Let CoLaz provide an expert look at this effective hair removal method.

electrolysis hair removal

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

The process of electrolysis hair removal is most often referred to as an effective form of hair removal. Still, it is an electrical process that can lead to permanent results more than 90% of the time.

Laser v/s Electrolysis, What's Better

There are a few subtle differences between the two services when it comes to making a choice between laser hair removal or Electrolysis.

Facts and FAQs Related to Electrolysis

Electrolysis is one of the most popular treatments for unwanted hair removal. Nowadays, many people in the UK are opting for this revolutionary procedure to get rid of their excessive facial and body hair.

At CoLaz, we offer affordable electrolysis hair removal packages for everyone. Best of all, we can treat virtually any part of the body, from your eyebrows (an area hazardous to laser hair removal) to fingers and toes. We can even help with those nuisance ingrown hairs, hair removal from the face, chest, abdomen, bikini line, hands and feet, and many other areas.

electrolysis for facial hair removal

Best of All CoLaz technicians and aestheticians are experts at the arts of both laser hair removal and Electrolysis. For more information on laser hair removal. Read More

What CoLaz Offers?

At CoLaz, we offer hair removal procedures ranging from Electrolysis to more traditional options such as waxing and threading.

The most popular areas for Electrolysis are the upper lip, chin, sides of the face, eyebrows, breast area and bikini line.

There are many benefits of electrolysis hair removal that men and women get to enjoy. However, there are three types of Electrolysis available. All our CoLaz technicians are qualified to offer all three treatments:

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Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment Cost

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We recommend against tweezing between electrolysis appointments. It's best to wait six weeks after electrolysis treatment before tweezing. The process of Electrolysis damages the follicle, and your hair will take time to grow back.
    It is advisable to shave before your appointment to make the process easier.
    Usually, a single session can last from one hour or more depend on how many hairs are removed and where they're located on your body.
    Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal procedure. It destroys the follicle at its root so that hair will never grow again in these areas. The process of Electrolysis damages the follicle by inserting an electrically charged probe into it. This can be painful for some, but for others, the process is not painful.
    It may feel like you're getting a sunburn during treatment, but this is normal for some people. If there's pain that lasts longer than five minutes after electrolysis treatments, please contact us immediately to check in with you!
    The short answer is no; Electrolysis does not cause ingrown hairs.
    The sensation of the process can vary from person to person, and the pain will depend on your threshold for pain. Still, usually, it's a tolerable level that people experience as pleasurable or at least bearable.
    We recommend that you shave, wax or use a cream for hair removal before your next electrolysis appointment, as this will help to avoid ingrown hairs and make the process more comfortable.

    We recommend waiting at least two weeks between treatments so our clients have time to heal and regrow their skin cells during this period!
    Electrolysis is a safe and effective hair removal technique that can significantly benefit those who undergo treatments. Some of the side effects are:

    • Redness on treated areas, which may last for several days or weeks
    • Severe pain (though this is rare)
    • There may be bumps or swelling at the site where the needle inserted during treatment (this usually subsides within three hours)

    Of course, Electrolysis isn't without risks, so if you notice any abnormal reactions after your session, don't hesitate to consult with our technicians for professional advice.

    Also, it's essential to inform us about any allergies beforehand so we can take measures accordingly. If no known allergies aretelling us ahead of time will help avoid
    There are no published studies that support these claims. At best, Electrolysis may slightly enlarge your pores, but this is only temporary.
    Yes, Electrolysis not only removes hair permanently but also reduces the thickness of your hairs. The great news is Electrolysis doesn't involve any chemicals that can damage your skin or hair.
    It does not change hair thickness; it just removes hairs from a particular area visible to those around you.
    Electrolysis is used to remove all types of hairs, including both dark and light-coloured and straight or curly. The electrolysis treatments are exact in their location, which only targets one hair while reducing discomfort levels significantly.

    Treatments will take place once every two weeks until you reach your desired results. We recommend that if there are any allergies beforehand so, we can take measures accordingly. If no known allergies are informing us ahead of time will help avoid unnecessary delays with treatment times because our expert staff needs to know these details before proceeding
    Some people will not undergo electrolysis treatment, including those with a pacemaker or hormonal disorders such as Lupus. Your electrolysis specialist should determine this during your initial consultation and recommend the best course of action according to the situation.

    Hair growth cycles depend on hormones. Suppose you have been undergoing hormone therapy treatments such as chemotherapy. In that case, you may also need extra sessions because it can take much longer for hairs to grow back in standard patterns after treatment has stopped.

    If you're pregnant, we advise that you wait until at least six months after birth before starting electrolysis treatments.
    Some people believe that if you pull out a hair, the root will be stimulated into growing. This is not true: once a follicle has been destroyed or pushed to the surface of your skin, new hairs cannot grow from there.

    If anything, pulling on hairs can cause irritations and infections in this area because you are reopening wounds that have already healed on top of one another. You should avoid plucking chin hair where possible for these reasons but also because doing so can lead to ingrown hairs - small bumps which occur when the curly ends of your facial hair curl back under your skin when they've pulled away from their original position - sometimes pushing down through layers of skin.
    To prepare your skin for Electrolysis, you need to use a light exfoliating scrub that removes any dead cells and excess oils. There are two reasons for this: it will make the hair root more visible so we can quickly identify which hairs are to be removed; it also means that as the new epidermis builds up around those roots, the old skin is less likely to become irritated or infected from pulling on these follicles repeatedly.

    Ultimately, this helps prevent ingrown hairs and other infections in the long run. You should avoid using harsh scrubs, though, because they might damage your sensitive facial tissue - especially when we're talking about prolonged sessions of Electrolysis over many months at a time!
    • Try using a gentle exfoliant, like sugar or salt.
    • Use an oil-free moisturiser to help seal in the moisture for smoother skin, and it will also protect against any dryness from electrolysis hair removal.
    • Avoid over scrubbing your face with other products - this can irritate the sensitive facial tissue left unprotected during electrolysis hair removal sessions.
    • Be sure to keep up on applying sunblock too. Sunblock prevents you from getting burned, which increases inflammation that already exists due to electrolysis hair removal treatments.

    You may experience some red bumps, but they should be gone within 24 hours after electrolysis treatment has occurred.
    • Use a depilatory agent to dissolve the hair or use Electrolysis. You can also try using balms, waxes and creams, which work by smothering the hair with a cast of ingredients such as peach pits, honey and sugar. Wax may be used on larger areas that are less sensitive than other methods
    • Apply an ice pack for three minutes at a time half-hour apart from one another on your chin area so it'll help stop the follicles from producing new hairs
    • One way you can prevent more growth is by taking care of your skin; moisturise often! This will help keep future breakouts down, stopping any flare up when they happen due to electrolysis treatment.
    The bumps from Electrolysis last for a few days, but some people have reported that they can last up to two weeks. The person may be experiencing an allergic reaction of sorts, in which case we advised them to come back to the clinic and speak with the technician.

    If not, it's likely safe to wait out and let them go away on their own. The best way to do this is by applying ice packs as directed above.
    The skin will be in the healing process for about a week, but it's possible that someone could need as little as one day before they can resume normal activities. If you're wondering about any questions, our team of all qualified technicians would be more than happy to help.

    If you feel like your skin isn't healing as fast or broken out in hives, please come back into our clinic for a consultation with one of our technicians. They will be happy to help! Otherwise, if everything seems normal after about four days, we advise going ahead with day-to-day activities such as work - avoid anything too strenuous during this time.
    Electrolysis hair removal is 100% safe. The process of Electrolysis removes the entire follicle from your skin by sending a mild current through each hair to kill it and prevent any future growth. Once all hairs have been destroyed, they will be permanently removed from your body.
    We often have customers who switch between electrolysis hair removal and laser treatments for various reasons. Electrolysis is more affordable over the long term than laser. However, it does take longer to achieve desired results."

    Some people prefer one treatment or another because of comfort levels, cost, time commitment/results, pain factor, and other essential factors.

    Laser hair removal works by targeting dark pigment in unwanted hairs while leaving skin untouched. The laser also has higher success rates when removing coarse body hair as opposed to sensitive facial hairs.
    Facial Electrolysis is more painful than waxing. People who have never had Electrolysis might opt for waxing instead because they think it will be less intense. The technician will place the metal probe on each hair follicle, sending electrical pulses into the hairs to disable them and then pulling out or cutting off the dead cells from the root of your unwanted hair growth with tweezers.