For Skin Rejuvenation

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that will remove peach fuzz and dead skin with the tiny scrape of a scalpel.

Dermaplaning Treatment: For Skin Rejuvenation and Vellus Hair

Dermaplaning treatment is a new skin rejuvenation secret that many people don't know about.

It's an easy, painless process that can help you get bright and glowing skin without expensive facials! It also removes vellus hair (facial hair), also called peach fuzz.

If you're interested in the benefits of dermaplaning, keep reading for more information on how it works.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a procedure that removes the thin layer of facial skin and vellus hair from your face. It's a painless, safe process that encourages cellular renewal, exfoliates dead skin cells and minimizes fine lines.

Dermaplaning is not to be confused with waxing or threading because these two hair removal treatments do not remove any layers of skin below the surface. The results of a single session of dermaplaning can last for up to six weeks.

How is Dermaplaning Performed?

Dermaplaning can be performed by a dermatologist, aesthetician or another skincare professional trained in the procedure. It's an easy process that takes just minutes and requires no downtime afterwards—though you may want to avoid wearing makeup for a short period.

Dermaplaning can help reduce irritation on sensitive areas such as around your eyes due to its gentle nature.

How Does Dermaplaning Work on Your Skin and on Peach Fuzz Hair?

Dermaplaning is a simple procedure that's performed with a surgical blade. It removes the thin layer of skin (dead skin cells) and vellus hair, resulting in smoother, softer skin from exfoliation and less irritation due to its gentle nature.

The dermaplaned area will appear as if you were wearing makeup or have been professionally laser-treated for an instant glow!

It also reduces fine lines on your face by gently lifting the tiny peach fuzz hairs pulled away from the epidermis (the topmost layer of your facial skin); this causes micro-tears in this part of the tissue - giving way to new cell growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplaning?

There are many benefits associated with this procedure: it evens out blotchy red patches, reduces acne scars by removing excess sebum from clogged pores, improves lymphatic drainage, which helps prevent dryness and tightens the skin where the hair is removed.

Most people notice a difference in the texture and tone of their skin after this treatment, but there are many other benefits too!

Dermaplaning also encourages cellular renewal, exfoliates dead skin cells and minimizes fine lines. In addition, this procedure doesn't remove any layers below the surface, so it's perfect for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin who want to reduce irritation on delicate areas such as around your eyes without experiencing painful side effects that waxing can cause.

Dermaplaning is ideal for a one-off session to help you achieve the ultimate glow ahead of your special event or significant occasion.

If you're interested in seeing more significant long-term results, CoLaz recommends a course of 6 for proper skin rejuvenation and peach hair removal.

Dermaplaning Treatment Cost

Single Treatment
Cost of 3
Full Face

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Dermaplaning FAQs

Will The Vellus Hair/Peach Fuzz Grow Back Quicker After The Procedure?
Once your hair starts to grow back, it may feel slightly different as the fuzz hair was cut straight across, but it's the same texture as before and will regrow at the same speed. It might seem fuller because the scalpel bluntly cut the hair over having a natural end to it.
Can Anyone Have The Dermaplaning Treatment?
Clients with fine lines, sun damage, anddehydrated and dull skin are great candidates for dermaplaning. Since the procedure requires the use of a sharp scalpel, clients with inflamed acne should forego it until their complexion clears up.
Do I Need To Take Time Off Work?
You may see some redness post-treatment, but this will dissipate, and you can go back to work immediately after your session. However, you'll notice a difference in skin texture and tone afterward.
How Long Will The Results Last?
The procedure will remove at least three weeks of dead skin cells, so your red-carpet glow will last all month long. Since your skin is continually growing, you should schedule an appointment every month to maintain your results.
Is Dermaplaning Good For Skin?
The simple answer is yes. It removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. Dermaplaning should only be done by a trained professional to ensure safe results. Consultations are also recommended before starting any new treatments at the clinic. And if you have inflamed acne, it may make sense to wait until your complexion clears up before trying dermaplaning because of the need for a sharp scalpel in this kind of procedure.
Is Dermaplaning Just Shaving?
Dermaplanning is not like shaving. It does not remove all hair from the surface of your skin like shaving would do, and it leaves a protective outer layer on top.
Are There Any Dermaplaning Side Effects?
There are no known side effects from dermaplaning. However, it is essential to note that you could experience some redness and inflammation of your skin if the blade is not sharp enough as it heals. Therefore, it is also important you visit a trained medical professional.
Does Dermaplaning Remove Dead Skin Cells?
Yes! Dermaplaning is a treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz.
What Can Dermaplaning Be Used For?
You may benefit from this procedure if you have an oily complexion or acne-prone skin because it exfoliates the facial skin while lifting the fine, transparent peach fuzz hairs.
Can Dermaplaning Help WithSkin Rejuvenation?
Yes! Skin rejuvenation is a skincare process that involves removing the top layer of skin, most often to improve texture and appearance. Dermaplaning can be used for this as well because it exfoliates the facial skin while lifting fine hairs.

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