Get Rid of Belly Bulge, Muffin Tops and Love Handles with CoLaz’s New Fat Freeze

CoLaz Fat Freeze is a revolutionary fat loss and body reshaping technique that offers a safe & effective alternative to surgery. You no longer need to resort to invasive and dangerous fat removal methods. Ours is a safe, natural, and painless way to effectively target problem areas and give you the body shape that diet and exercise alone cannot not provide.

Diet and exercise are the best ways to maintain an ideal body weight; but sometimes a healthy lifestyle alone is simply not enough. No matter how many salads you eat or how many sit-ups you add to your fitness program, you may still be unable to get rid of those irritating love handles, back fat, or belly bulges.

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Even thin, fit, and physically active people can battle stubborn muffin tops, bra rolls, or stomach ponches. The frustration may even have you considering surgery as an option.

But with CoLaz, you can heave a sigh of relieve and say goodbye to the idea of surgery for fat loss.

CoLaz Fat Freeze

What is CoLaz Fat Freeze?
Controlled cooling is used to target fat buildup in specific areas, to gently & naturally reshape your body. No surgery, no incisions, and no expensive supplements or pills. It is non-invasive, virtually painless, and completely safe.

And CoLaz makes sure that only trained professionals do it for you.

How Does Colaz Fat Freeze Work?

The technique is designed to target specific problem areas and works best as a spot treatment for "love handles", "spare tires", "bra rolls", or "bat wings". It is not intended as a solution for obesity or extreme weight loss. Therefore, it is most effective for those who are at – or close to - their ideal body weight but have stubborn areas that have not responded sufficiently to proper diet and exercise.

Many popular fat removal methods, such as laser or laser lipo, use heat to melt fat cells so that they can be eliminated from the body. However, it has been discovered that "freezing" these fat cells can be just as effective and may even reduce the risk of damage to surrounding tissues that can be caused by other procedures.

CoLaz Fat Freeze
  • A targeting cooling process is used to crystallize or freeze fat cells, causing them to die and slowly shrink until they are completely dissolved and can be naturally eliminated from your body. Since fat cells freeze faster – or at a higher temperature – than most other cells, there is no damage caused to healthy skin, nerves, or surrounding tissue.
  • The machine's wand or attachment is placed on the outside of the skin and the cold penetrates through into the fat layer.
  • No knives, suction nozzles, or needles are required, which means that fat freeze side-effects are none, and that it is a great alternative to liposuction or other surgical procedures.

What About Down Time and Side Effects?

Each CoLaz fat freeze procedure will take about 60 minutes. Depending on the area being treated, usually, only 1-2 sessions are necessary. You should be able to resume normal activities immediately following treatments, so you can book an appointment for almost any time, even before work or during your lunch break.

Overall, this procedure is a safe, fast, and effective method of body shaping with minimal side-effects and no down-time, although, some people may experience redness, bruising, or numbness that generally subsides quickly.

What Results Can Be Expected?

Typically, you can expect an average of 20-30% fat loss in the treated area. Additional sessions may be booked for even greater results, if necessary. Some people notice results right away; although, it usually takes 1-3 months to see the full effects. Once the fat cells are crystallized, it takes your body several weeks to naturally dispose of these dead cells, so you will notice a gradual change rather than immediate results.

CoLaz fat freezing result

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent future fat pockets from forming, the effects of the CoLaz fat freezing can be long-term, or even permanent.

If diet and exercise are not giving you the results you want, our fat free clinic can help eliminate stubborn fat pockets in problem areas. It can offer the same effects as surgery without incision scars, anesthesia, or the potential side effects often associated with more invasive methods.

CoLaz fat freezing

Why Must You Choose CoLaz?

Over 10 of Experience is What We work With
As a sister concern of the much appreciate Beauty and Laser Training College – Beaulaz, we can proudly say that CoLaz has more than 10 years of in practice experience in inch loss and body shaping treatments. With a workforce that is fully trained, professional and ethical, we bring you the best services in weight loss therapies and treatments.

Efficiency Combined with Latest Technology
We are one clinic that has grown with times not only in terms of size but also in terms of technology. What CoLaz provides are services that use the best of technology and ace products, in order to deliver the best to you.

The Most Cost-Effective Salon in London
You will be amazed at how we have maintained our high standards in weight loss and body shaping services while still keeping our range of charges absolutely affordable. CoLaz is now a synonym of cost-effectiveness.

The Safest Option for Inch Loss Treatments
We provide you with fat loss options that are totally safe and the most plausible alternatives to surgery. Right from the facility, to the product and the technology we use, all are absolutely safe for your health.

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CoLaz Fat Freeze