Discover the Best Options for Transsexual & Transgender Hair Removal Methods

As a transgender or transsexual client, you may face unwanted hair problems, especially a five o'clock shadow, which can be very unsightly and thick.

Many transgender clients who come to our clinic are very stressed out about this problem and apply a lot of make up just to cover that area.

Two methods of permanent hair removal are available to transsexual or transgender clients: laser hair removal or electrolysis hair removal. Most of our clients who have undergone transgender laser hair removal have seen impressive results around the beard area.

Generally, within 6 to 12 sessions, the dark shadow slowly starts to disappear as the hairs begin to get finer. From our experience, this hair removal method helps to eliminate that dreaded five o'clock shadow.

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment for Transsexuals

Laser hair removal is a simple technique that has improved the quality of life of thousands of people, especially transsexual individuals disturbed by facial hair growth due to hormonal disturbance.

The excess of body hair that is characteristic of biological males can be very distressing in a transsexual who feels themselves to be correctly a female. Daily or regular shaving which is how men cope with this excess body hair is not a happy solution for transsexuals who are looking for something more permanent and in keeping with the female they feel themselves to be.

Laser removal surgery is a major advance over other treatments such as electrolysis. But what should you know before you opt for this hair removal procedure?

Preparing Laser Hair Removal for Transsexuals

This can be a difficult thing for transsexuals, but for laser hair removal to be most effective, you need to put up with some hair growth now for long-term effects of this technique. Don't pluck! As the laser travels along the hair shaft, it must find hair in order for it to work. You shouldn't, therefore, pluck unwanted your hair before the treatment. Similarly, since laser hair removal works on the melanin level in the skin, dark skin or tanned skin needs special treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent for Transsexuals?

No. The hair will regrow, but more slowly and thinner than before. However, you may need several laser treatments - monthly treatments for two to eight months - after which time the hair may then take months if not years to re-grow, so it's the next best thing to permanent and is a popular choice for many transsexuals.

Laser Hair Removal for Transgender & Transvestite Clients

It is difficult to cover up facial hair and especially for transgender & transvestite clients who are going through or who have completed treatment, this unwanted hair and stubble can become an unsightly and distressing problem.

Although laser hair removal is not 100% permanent, we usually start clients with this method because it's

• Faster
• Less time-consuming
• Poses a lower risk of scarring the skin compared to electrolysis

For transgender & transvestite clients with this particular problem, laser treatments offer a great opportunity to remain free from unsightly hair re-growth for as long as possible.

The particular method of laser hair removal for transgender clients has to be tailored to your particular skin and hair type so it needs to be done by a professional who is experienced in this field. However, in the hands on an expert, this hair removal treatment offers the most effective and most long-term hair removal that a transgender client can achieve.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work For Transgender & Transvestite Clients?

The procedure for carrying out laser hair removal on transgender client does not differ from that for any other type of client except it is likely that a larger area is to be treated, such as the whole jaw-line and upper lip as all signs of hair growth and stubble are likely to be unwelcome.

In the treatment, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or laser is used to target the actual pigment within the unwanted hair. This is how it destroys the hair follicle and thus prevents re-growth of the hair for a long time to come.

However, this technique for the large areas often desired by people with transgender issues is completely safe and is the most effective of all hair removal techniques, provided that you have hair dark enough to be susceptible to the laser's effect on pigmentation.

We, at CoLaz, understand that it can be a very emotional time when you are fully becoming a female. The biggest hurdle some of our clients have mentioned is getting rid of their hairs especially the beard area.

It is also very costly to undergo certain procedures. The one procedure we can offer at affordable prices is laser hair removal.

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