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Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation!

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What Is Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation

Fat loss without surgery sounds too good to be true. So, the question everyone asks is, “Does Electrolipolysis work?” Yes it does! Commonly known as lipo cavitation is a painless process that can successfully target fats and cellulite in problem area such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and love handles.

Lipo cavitation is the latest technology on the market, which combines three of the most effective therapies in the treatment of cellulite and body re-shaping. The treatment uses a combination of electrolipolysis current and cavitation, which result in


Pain Free
inch loss









How Does Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation Work?

Lipo cavitation specifically target stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The process uses electrostimulation to massage and contract the muscle, which help to get the underlying layers to tighten and reshape. Lipo cavitation specifically target stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The process uses electrostimulation to massage and contract the muscle, which help to get the underlying layers to tighten and reshape.

The treatment works on 3 principles:


The electrolipolysis current contracts the muscle for a few seconds and releases. This helps to tone the muscles and improves circulation of the blood and the lymph. The ultrasound cavitation waves pass through the tissue and break up the fat tissues which are help to eliminate toxins via the blood then through the kidneys.


The ultrasound cavitation passes through the soft tissue which leads to a rise in temperature which will increase the speed of the metabolic reaction.


The chemical reaction occurs when the ultrasound wave passes through the tissue with the electrolipolysis current which causes an increase in permeability of cellular membrane. This can help with inch loss and fat loss.


What Can Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation Treat?


  • Cellulite
  • Soft fat
  • Body reshaping / Slimming
  • Inch Loss
  • Body toning
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation or Liposuction?

Any device that promises fast fat loss without surgery sounds too good to be true. Right? We have become sceptical about other products on the market that promise quick fixes; like diet pills, cellulite creams, and electric ab belts.

They rarely (if ever) live up to their big claims. Lipo Cavitation, however can prompt inch loss after a single body toning session. The procedure is safe, pain-free, and risk-free. While today’s liposuction procedures have advanced from their initial beginnings, it still uses a cannula and physical manipulation to suck fat from beneath the skin.

Alternatively Lipo cavitation prompts the body’s natural lymphatic system to drain the fat cells out. It is a long-lasting, non-invasive solution which works to significantly reduce the unattractive appearance of fat and cellulite. Lipo Cavitation helps to reshapes your body tone to provide a highly-appealing non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Remove stubborn fatty areas that have immune to diet and exercise due to age!

The process is the ideal solution to get rid of muffin tops or stubborn love handles and improve your general body contour. Any invasive surgery which involves anaesthesia comes with a high level of risks which should be avoided where possible. Liposuction is also renowned for results which can be lumpy, hard, and uneven.

As you are awake throughout the Lipo Cavitation treatment, there are significantly fewer risks involved than with surgical liposuction—which is usually done under general anaesthetic. Laser lipo also helps produce a more harmonious body shape in a shorter time, without the swelling and bruising associated with liposuction’s more aggressive surgical method.

What Result Can You Achieve?

As well as being fat reducing, electrolipolysis Lipo prompts collagen production which tightens the skin. With this advanced inch loss technology, you can see immediate results after just one session, and lose anywhere from between 2-9 inches if you follow the sessions with exercise as advised.


How Much Does Electrolipolysis Treatment Cost?

Treatment Cost




Per Session


Course of 6


Course of 8


Course of 12


Course of 18


Course of 24


More Information On The Electrolipolysis Lipo Cavitation Treatment Process

The First Step is to have a consultation.

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Your treatment is the second step.

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The Final Step is

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

Most clients don’t feel anything during their session and mostly find the typically warm sensation from the pads comfortable and relaxing.

Is it safe?

Research shows treatment to be very safe with no side effects. The process does not cause any damage. There is no downtime required from the treatment—in fact, the opposite is encouraged. Being active and exercising can help improve the fat reduction results.

How many treatments will I require?

During your consultation the clinician will examine the areas and recommend a treatment plan for you. Normally a course of 12 is recommend but you must attend a minimum of 2-3 times a week for treatment to see effective results.

When will I see results?

This varies from individual to individual. Commonly clients will see some sort of inch loss results after one session. Please note if you fail to follow aftercare advise and attend regular sessions then treatment may not deliver results.

Is this a weight loss treatment?

No. This is a treatment for body reshaping, inch loss or cellulite reduction only. If you wish to undergo weight loss, then you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

It is suitable for people who are close to their ideal body weight and require a little help with removal of stubborn fat, body reshaping etc

Who cannot have the treatment?

If you have metal in area to be treated, cancer, phlebitis, vascular disorders, pregnant, pacemaker, open wounds or epilepsy you will not be able to undergo treatment.

Can I combine this treatment with other treatments to achieve optimal results?

Yes, we recommend you combine treatment with fat freeze and aqualyx. If you are interested, then please speak to your clinician who will advise further on a treatment plan.



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