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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin!

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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin and
Indian Tone Skin

People who have dark skin often struggle with hair growth. Of course, this is not the case for everyone, but it can be a significant problem for those who experience excessive hair growth.

One of the most popular treatments for this type of issue is laser hair removal, and there are many different types to choose from that all serve slightly different purposes. Laser treatment has been proven to be one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair permanently. It targets only individual follicles at the root rather than burning off layers on top.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Dark Skin?

Until recently, laser hair removal was not recommended for dark skin. However, with the advances in technology, it is now possible to use a type of wavelength that has been proven effective at targeting pigment within the follicle instead of just on top of the surface. This makes using lasers much safer than other methods.

Nd:YAG lasers have a longer wavelength than others, making them the best choice for people with darker skin tones. The risk of side effects from treatment are much lower when using an Nd:YAG Laser over other options, but all types of lasers carry some risk of side effects.

The Nd:YAG laser targets the hair follicle, which means it just targets pigment rather than burning off layers on top as other lasers do. This can be much safer for people with darker skin tones because they are more likely to have pigmentation in their skin, and a different type of Laser could damage the skin.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Dark Skin?

The short answer to this question is no. Laser hair removal should not hurt more on dark skin because the Nd:YAG laser has a longer wavelength than other lasers, so the heat delivered from treatment should be enough to do the job. 

The Laser Wavelength Can Be Adjusted For Darker Skin

When lasers are used to treat darker skin tones, a long enough wavelength is needed for the Laser to ensure it targets only the hair follicle. When determining which type of Laser to use on your skin, our medical experts rely on the Fitzpatrick scale. 

This is a series of questions that pin down your type and then determine what wavelength should be used for maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects. The Fitzpatrick classification scale represents the six main skin types based on the pigment naturally present in your skin.

What is the Fitzpatrick scale?

The Fitzpatrick scale identifies your level of skin sensitivity about your skin tone and sun exposure. To find the best type of Laser for your skin tone, we will use this scale:

Never tans and always burns.

Usually, the burns are minimal.

Sometimes it burns slightly, but not uniformly.

Always tans well, even though it burns minimally.

Tans are very easy to tan (dark brown).

Don’t burn (dark brown to dark brown).

Which Is The Best Hair Removal Machine For Indian Skin?

The best hair removal machine for Indian skin is the Nd:YAG laser, as it has been proven safest and most effective for people with darker skin tones.

All types of lasers are not recommended for use in dark or Indian skin, but Nd:YAG is the one that will be best tolerated.

Electrolysis Hair Removal for Indian or Dark Skin

Another safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair for dark skin is the electrolysis process. It is one of the best hair treatments for darker skin because black skin people are always prone to a condition known as folliculitis – too many ingrown hairs.

If you suffer adverse reactions from a laser treatment, such as hypo-pigmentation and hypertrophy, you should try this method.

It has the following advantages:

  • Gets rid of all unwanted hair
  • Works with all skin and hair types
  • It can be applied to any part of the body: face, lips, ears, nose, chest, breasts and many others
  • Removes unwanted hair permanently

Unwanted hair is a massive problem in Britain, particularly among the segment of the population that is dark-skinned.

When it comes to skin treatments, we know that darker skin is a specific concern. We have been treating people with different shades of melanin for years and are very experienced in the safe laser technologies on the market today. 

If you’re considering getting your treatments from us but want some reassurance first about how we will handle any potential safety concerns or sensitivities, talk to one of our experts for free at CoLaz Clinic.

Together we can answer all your questions and make sure you find what treatment option is best suited to meet your needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Are The best lasers for dark skin?

    The NdYAG lasers are the gold standard to treat dark and Indian skin tones because it is the safest and most effective for people with darker skin tones. The laser treatment should not hurt more on dark skin because the Nd:YAG has a longer wavelength , so it delivers enough heat to do its job without damaging it.

    What is the Fitzpatrick scale?

    The Fitzpatrick Scale identifies your level of sensitivity to sun exposure to your skin tone and pigment. Great for determining which L aser you should choose based on how dark or light your skin is, as lighter tones are more susceptible to burning from lasers with shorter wavelengths while darker skins require a longer wavelength.

    What is the best L aser for Indian skin

    The Nd: YAG lasers are a good choice because it targets pigment and not just surface. It also has proven to be safe and effective for darker tones of skin, so you don't have to worry about burning your skin in addit ion to removing hair.

    How do you permanently remove dark skin?

    Permanently removing dark skin is not a straightforward process. You can't just use one type of L aser as it will likely cause more harm than good on darker skin tones, so we recommend using Nd: YAG lasers to target the follicle and minimize risks for adverse reactions in people with darker shades of melanin.

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