Why You Should Use ND YAG Laser Hair removal for Dark Skin

Britain’s ethnic composition is increasing, and people with Indian or dark skin now comprise about 40% of the population. The growing population of dark skinned people face various challenges that are unique to their skin colour, such as the growth of unwanted hair on their bodies.

Although many people tend to believe that dark skin is rather hardened, it is more sensitive than lighter skins. There are several ways of safely removing unwanted hair from your dark skin.

The ND YAG Laser Hair Removal for Indian and Dark Skin

Laser hair removal hasn’t always been safe for Indian or dark skins. Years ago lasers were not able to penetrate deep into the skin and destroy the skin follicle, but with the advancement of technology lasers using the ND YAG technology has reversed this situation.

The ND YAG laser on dark skin is a lot safer than say an IPL laser because the laser goes directly to the root of the hair destroying it rather than a scatter approach like the IPL or previous lasers. The result is a softer and finer growth of hair.

The ND YAG Laser is effective for the removal of:

  • Body hair
  • Facial hair
  • Bushy hair

Advantages of Using ND YAG Laser Hair Removal Indian or Dark skin

The ND YAG laser for dark skin has various advantages over other methods of hair removal. First, unlike threading and waxing which can be quite painful, it is mainly sting-free. Apart from the little discomfort, you will feel when the laser burns up the hair follicles; there will be no cause for alarm when using this treatment. It is also the safest approach for dark skin since it does not react with melanin.

The effect is achieved through by-passing the surface of the skin and reaching out to the hair follicles. You will also be glad to learn that its results are fast and efficient: You can achieve permanent hair reduction after only eight treatments.

Why You Should Avoid Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for Hair Removal

If you are Indian or dark skinned, you should avoid IPL treatment like the plague. First, IPL treatment beams laser over a broad area rather than focusing on the hair follicle. It may damage your skin permanently. 

Secondly, it is less effective compared to ND YAG in that it requires more treatments to achieve results. You will need 12 treatments compared to only 8 when using the ND-YAG laser. The ND YAG laser hair removal dark skin is the best solution to your hair problems.

Electrolysis Hair Removal for Indian or Dark Skin

Another safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair for dark skin is the electrolysis process. It is one of the best hair treatments for darker skin because black skin people are always prone to a condition known as folliculitis – too many ingrown hairs.

If you suffer adverse reactions from laser treatment, such as hypo-pigmentation and hypertrophy, you should try this method. It has the following advantages:

  • Gets rid of all unwanted hair
  • Works with all skin and hair types
  • Can be applied to any part of the body: face, lips, ears, nose, chest, breasts and many others
  • Removes unwanted hair permanently

Unwanted hair is a massive problem in Britain, particularly among the segment of the population that is dark-skinned. If you are looking for the perfect solution to this issue, go all out for a procedure that tackles the problem once and for all. ND YAG laser hair removal uses safe and dependable technologies to get the job done.

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