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IV Vitamin Therapy

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Boost Your Immunity, Energy and Wellbeing With
IV Vitamin Drips - Infusion Therapy

If you feel tired, fatigued or simply not at your best, then IV Vitamin drip is for you.

The IV vitamin drip therapy infuses vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream delivering the valuable nutrients your body needs to combat fatigue, stress & inflammation, increase immunity and wellbeing. It is a safe alternative to oral supplements that can be difficult to absorb in an already depleted system. The drips are an effective way of getting essential nutrients fast. As a result, you will feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life to the fullest again.

We use only 100% pharmaceutical grade micronutrient formula in our treatments & all ingredients are “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

IV therapy is designed to boost overall wellness and is not a treatment for specific conditions or diseases. Please note the products used in the IV therapy fall outside the definition of medicine by MHRA; therefore, they are not intended to be used for medical purposes and make no medical claims

How Do IV Vitamin Drips Work?

When you have IV Vitamin drips, your body receives a much higher concentration of the vitamins themselves. When you take vitamins orally, they get broken down in the stomach, and the body absorbs about 20 percentage. If you take IV vitamins, a higher percentage can be absorbed, around 90%, as all the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, you get higher levels of vitamins and minerals in your body than normal supplements.

What Are The Health Benefits of IV Vitamin Drips Treatments?

IV drips can influence and enhance various bodily systems due to their direct delivery.
The following are some of the primary advantages of IV vitamin therapy:

  • Boost energy levels naturally
  • Promote healthy sleep patterns
  • Combat fatigue
  • Promote wellbeing and mental clarity
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improve skin health & appearance

The Most Popular IV Drip Therapy Offered At Colaz

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How Much Do IV Drips Cost?

Note: Discounted price (3 Treatments) only for - Ealing, Harrow, Slough and Reading

More Information On The IV Drips Treatment Process

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Does AnIV Drip Last?

    The effects of IV infusion are dependent on the type of treatment selected and on the individual. Most clients state they see a visible improvement in a few days which last up to 2-3 weeks.

    Can Iv Drips Be Taken At Home?

    No, IV Vitamin Therapy can only be done in a medical facility with the supervision of an expert team under controlled conditions. This is to ensure patient safety.

    What Are The Side Effects Of IV Drips?

    There is a risk of bruising or haematoma at the cannulation site, if this does occur it will go down within 5-10 days. When IV therapy is administered in a competent medical facility under the supervision of an expert, there are no adverse effects.

    Are There Any Adverse Reactions That Can Occur?

    Infection of the cannulation site is very rare but can occur if you notice the area red, inflamed and hot seek immediate advice from the clinic or your GP. Other adverse reaction could include allergic reaction – hence why a through medical consultation is carried our prior to treatment to determine any allergies.

    Who Is IV Drip For?

    IV Vitamin Therapy is for anyone who wants to feel refreshed and energized. But IV therapy should not be done on pregnant women or patients with certain medical conditions.

    How Often Can Iv Drips Be Taken?

    It depends on each patient's condition, but they are generally done once a week for up to three weeks.

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