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Blood Spots Removal

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Blood Spot Removal Known as Campbell De Morgan or Cherry Angioma

Blood Spots or Cherry Angioma spots are otherwise called Campbell De Morgan spots. This is a common skin condition that usually appears on any body part.

The treatment for blood spot removal is Advanced Electrolysis Treatment using Thermolysis to permanently remove them from your skin. We will discover the causes and treatments for Blood Spots so you can know what to do if you have these tiny red dots on your face or neck!

What Are Blood Spots?

Campbell de Morgan spots look like blood spots and are a frequent type of skin growth that can affect almost any part of your body. They’re also known as cherry angiomas or Senile angiomas.

Campbell de Morgan spots are caused by the expansion of dilated capillaries and postcapillary venules and the accumulation of tiny blood vessels within a cherry angioma, which gives them a reddish appearance.

However, Campbell de Morgan spots can be blue or purple, generally non-blanching. They might vary in size and form.

What Causes Blood Spots?


How To Remove Blood Spots?

Advanced electrolysis can treat Campbell de Morgan spots in one easy and fast procedure. The feeding vessel to the angiomas is cauterized with the current, which promptly removes tiny angiomas.  After the treatment, very small angioma disappear or may turn a darker grey colour and naturally disappear in two weeks.

Larger/raised angiomas may crust or form a small scab and, in rare cases, require a second treatment to eliminate.


This all depends on the number of Campbell de Morgan spots required to be removed. Usually, clients will have a few that can be treated in one 15 minute treatment; however, if you have several larger angiomas, treatments will be spread out over two sessions over 15-minute slots.

How Much Does Blood Spots Removal Treatment Cost?




Consultation Fee


15 minutes


30 minutes


Consultation fee is redeemable against treatment otherwise non-refundable

More Information On The Blood Spots Removal Process

The First Step is to have a consultation.

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Your treatment is the second step.

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The Final Step is AfterCare

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Some Ways To Prevent Blood Spot Removal?

    Many factors can contribute to the formation of blood spots on the skin. The best way to avoid them is by protecting your skin with sunscreen and avoiding the sun.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    After treatment, your skin may be red and slightly sore, but this usually subsides within a few hours. You may have slight crust or scabs that form. This is normal and will slough off naturally. Do not pick or scratch the treated area, as this can lead to scarring or pigmentation

    Does Blood Spot Removal Hurt?

    It is a virtually painless process. During Cambell de Morgan removal, some discomfort may be felt when the current enters the angioma; however, our clients report it feels like pin prinks.

    Is Blood Spot Removal Safe?

    Yes, as all treatments are carried out by qualified staff with minimum side effects.

    How Many Minutes Do I Need If I Have A Few Blood Spots?

    This all depends on how many blood spots you have. If you have 1-3, then usually 15 minutes is enough; however, if you have several, it is advisable to book out 30 minutes - During your consultation, your clinician will assess the blemish and advise you on the minutes required.

    Are Results Instant?

    No. The treated blood spot forms typically a scab and will slough off naturally in a few days, and the blood spot will disappear.

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