Laser Hair Removal Tips- Before and After Guide

Many of you struggle with unwanted hair and find it difficult to keep up with the time-consuming, ineffective hair removal treatments. It really becomes a big challenge for you. But, hair removal doesn’t need to be so challenging when it comes to lasers. It is one of the best ways to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Our experts at CoLaz makes this process of hair removal amazingly easy for the patients by aiming to deliver astonishing results. Apart from an excellent treatment, we also provide the advice and suggestions that one should keep in mind before or after experiencing laser hair removal.

So, here is the complete guide that one should pay heed before sitting down for the treatment alongwith some tips related to the aftercare.

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A Complete Guide on Things to Keep in Mind Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

To remove unwanted hair from body, laser is the best and safe way. Here is our guide to 10 facts you need to know before laser hair removal

1. No More Waxing
You need to be patient. During treatment, you will find that your hair growth may continue to come through. In order for laser to work effectively, your hair need to be connected to the root at the time of your treatment. You are recommended not wax the hair off in between two sittings. This can disconnect the hair from the root with force or may stimulate more growth in the area.

2. Does Not Work on Blonde, White or Red Hairs
Laser hair removal machines are attracted to the pigment in your hair. Hairs, especially, which are blonde, white or red lack pigment. Finer hairs and hairs which are a very light brown are also more difficult to treat because of this. It is always best that you ask the therapist to check your hair growth before purchasing a course.

3. Cannot Be Done On or Over a Tattoo
If you have a tattoo in the area where you want to get a laser, it cannot be treated. The process may either burn the area or cause the tattoo to fade. If you are looking to have a laser tattoo removed then this is not the correct procedure for you to go for. You would need to look for a salon that offers this treatment.

4. Takes More Than One Session
Laser works when hairs are in the anagen phase. This is a scientific word for hairs that are growing. If the hair when treated is not in this stage then you would require another visit. At present there is no scientific way of measuring which phase your hairs are in. On average 20% of your growth will be in the anagen phase at any given time. Therefore, you are recommended to take up a course of between 6 – 12 sessions.

5. It’s a Long Term Reduction
You could potentially be hair-free for years after your treatment has finished. You will require maintenance sessions in order to prolong the results. Many people are under the impression that laser offers a 100% permanent removal of hair. This is not the case as no laser that is currently available is able to promise to remove each and every individual hair.

6. It’s Amazing!
People start appreciating results after even one session. They people begin to see their hair growth slowdown and that takes longer to reappear. The areas which respond the best are underarms, private areas and the lower legs. Not only does laser reduce hair-growth, it also has a few more added benefits. There is a reduction in bad odours and it can also help with ingrown hairs.

7. No Side effects
Make sure you inform your therapist of any medications, you may be taking. There are no long term side effects with laser. It’s completely safe. Immediately after treatment, the skin can sometimes becomes red or slightly itchy, but there is no need to worry as it fades this dies down within 2 – 48 hours.

8. Not Too Expensive
Laser has been out long enough now that there is plenty of competition for laser clinics. Therefore, the laser hair removal treatment costs have reduced significantly. Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions. So, not only are you saving so much money in the long run, but also the time!

9. Get the right one for your skin
With so many lasers available, you need to match the right one to your skin. Try to opt for an actual laser not IPL, as this does not tend to give people the desired results. If you are a lighter skin type, opt for Alexandrite. If you have Asian or Afro-Caribbean skin, then try out the ND YAG. It’s phenomenal!

10. You can do it ALL over the body
That’s right, head to toe. The scalp as well if you really want the skinhead look. You can even treat both male and female private areas. Do not be afraid of infertility – there is no such risk. Laser hair removal treatment aims in removing the hair without hassles.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Now that you know thing to should be familiar with prior to getting laser hair removal done, here’s a list of tips that make a perfect aftercare guide.

1. Use a soothing gel
Simple soothing products like Aloe Vera gel can be used if your skin is feeling slightly sore. The gel will help to calm down any redness you may experience from the laser.

2. Do not wax, thread or pluck the area treated
You may shave in between treatments. It is advisable to leave the area alone for 24 – 48 hours to avoid any skin irritation.

3. Avoid a hot bath/shower
If you have had laser hair removal done on your body then it is best to avoid having a hot bath or shower (sauna/steam) for 24 -48 hours as it can cause skin irritation especially if you have sensitive skin.

4. Avoid sun exposure
You must not expose skin to UV or self tan (sun beds) for at least 4 weeks before or after treatment. If your skin gets a tan (active tan) then you are at greater risk of developing hyper pigmentation or getting a burn.

5. Avoid harsh chemicals
This means no bleach or perfumed products such as aromatherapy oils for at least 24 – 48 hours on the area treated. Also avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 48 -72 hours.

6. Avoid exfoliating
If you’ve had laser hair removal on your face then you must avoid having harsh treatments done such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion for at least 10 days before or after treatment.

7. Avoid Make Up
If you have had laser hair removal on your face then its best to avoid using make up for at least 24 hours – or at least keep it to the minimum – some concealer, mascara, lipstick. There are some brands out there which cater for sensitive skin and you may want to try mineral make up free of preservatives.

8. Talk to your practitioner!
If in any doubt at all, just contact your practitioner for tips and if you are very concerned arrange an appointment to show them your skin. The practitioner is there for the course of the treatment and will want to make sure everything is well.

With this before-you-do and aftercare guide by your side, getting laser treatments should be a hassle. If you need any more advice, reach us!