Skin Peels Treatments for a Smoother, Younger Looking Complexion without Surgery

Do you want a younger, fresher looking complexion?

Chemical Skin peels can help restore that youthful glow, lighten dark patches, and even eradicate some of those wrinkles around your eyes and lips.

Skin peels, also known as chemical peels or facial peels, are becoming more popular as people are shying away from the high cost and side effects of facelifts and injections.

These procedures for peeling skin offer a safe, and a relatively painless way to treat a range of cosmetic problems and restore your skin to a healthier, younger appearance.

CoLaz offers you a vast choice in this treatment by thorough professionals, and this is the reason why we have been able make a strong goodwill.

"It was recommended that I give the diamond peel facial a try, as I have a few blemishes in my forehead that would benefit from this facial.  
I found that the treatments that the CoLaz offers are very fair and honest. There are many that are very competitive with the other 
local beauty clinics." - Leena

How Does Skin Peeling Work?

We apply a chemical solution to the skin of the face, neck, or hands that causes the first layer to slough off, revealing the smoother, less wrinkled skin beneath. This top layer of dead skin cells causes cosmetic problems because the cells clog your pores and make your skin look dull and tired.

Skin Peeling Work

Removing these dead cells will encourage new ones to grow and will also promote collagen production to make your skin look smoother and firmer.

Chemical peels are generally painless, although some clients experience slight burning or stinging when the solution is on their skin. Following treatments, just like micro needling your skin may be red or look "sunburned" and in some cases, swelling and scabbing may occur, particularly with the more intense peels. These effects will diminish as the skin heals with no permanent damage.

Benefits of Skin Peeling Treatment

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lessens the severity of acne, white heads, and black heads
  • Diminishes mild scarring
  • Lightens age spots, freckles, or other patches of hyperpigmentation
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Clears off dry skin
  • Evens up skin tone
  • Makes skin look and feel smoother and firmer
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, unclog pores, and encourage collagen production

How Does Skin Peeling Work?

Skin Peeling Work

Skin peeling procedures are divided into three basic categories: light, medium, or deep. Lighter ones will remove only the outermost layer of cells, whereas stronger ones will be absorbed into the deeper layers.

Here are the solutions that we offer for peeling skin:

Glycolic Peels: Light or mild peels that address only superficial cosmetic problems such as dry skin, mild acne, or enlarged pores. Although your skin may be slightly sensitive following a glycolic peel, you can typically carry on with your normal activities after your treatment.

Salicylic Acid Peels: Light peels, commonly used to reduce the appearance of acne, enlarged pores, white heads, or black heads. These may also be effective in treating mild acne scarring.

Jessner Peels: A light to medium peel that combines resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid to treat several skin problems at the same time. It is very good for reducing hyperpigmentation, improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin, and excellent for oily, blemish prone skin showing signs of aging.

TCA Peels: Trichloroacetic Acid Peels are medium to deep depending on the solution used. They are effective for lightening hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of small wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. Full recovery takes about 14 days, and the procedure must not be repeated for several months.

Phenol Peels: Deep peels effective for severely damaged skin or very deep wrinkles and scars. Recovery can take up to 3 months and the procedure should not be repeated for about one year.

The type of skin peel that is right for you depends on your skin type, the problem we are treating, and the severity of the damage.

For safe and effective results, we recommend that you make an appointment with us for a consultation at any of CoLaz's locations.


Chemical Skin peels

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