Threading with CoLaz is Quick, Neat, and Inexpensive

With threading hair removal we can remove your unwanted hair quickly and easily for less than the price of a sandwich. Prices for this treatment vary from town to town, but at CoLaz Salons, we charge just £3 for eyebrow threading. Other salons in the UK charge anywhere from £10 to £25.

Women tend to have their upper lip, sideburns, eyebrows, or entire face treated. Men (who make up 30% of our business!) like to have us treat their cheeks, nose, beard, and between their eyebrows.

Why Threading

It's very fast and time-saving
No need to pre-schedule appointments at the salon
No messy creams or wax
It lasts for two to four weeks

Using just a thin thread, therapists are able to remove hair from the skin. The facial skin beneath will appear clean and hair free. Therapists are able to delicately take out individual or clusters of airs from a given area. 

The most popular area for this treatment is the eyebrows. It is by far one of the best recommended options for eyebrow shaping. It can tidy up the appearance, create arches or circular shapes, and bring out your personality. Just one threading treatment can metamorphose the complete look of an individual.

I would highly recommend CoLaz. I have now stopped going to my local beauty salon for my general beauty treatments facials and eyebrow threading." - Huma

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This treatment can also be combined with other services such as eyebrow tinting and waxing.

History of Threading

The tradition threading is believed top have originated in India, though some claim it started in Turkey; some say in the Middle East; and others in Egypt. Regardless, threading hair removal for face is now a mainstream treatment option available throughout the Western world.

How Threading Works

The tradition threading is believed top have originated in India, though some claim it started in Turkey; some say in the Middle East; and others in Egypt. Regardless, threading hair removal for face is now a mainstream treatment option available throughout the Western world.

Threading is the ancient art of twisting a thread to create a trap to catch the unwanted hair and remove them from the root. The rapid back-and-forth movement of the thread removes them quickly and efficiently. Threading is so precise that our specialists can remove even a single hair. Using a thin piece of surgical thread, our therapists entangle it between both their right and left hand or between their hands and mouth. A loop is made in the centre. This loop wraps around the hairs and when stretched it helps these hairs to glide out.

Although some individuals may have mastered the technique and apply threading hair removal for upper lip or chin on themselves, this technique is best conducted by a professional or at least someone else.

Despite what you may have read, threading is somewhat painful. But you will still look amazing once the treatment is finished!

Cost of


Most salons in and around London, often charge £15 - £20 per visit, for threading. There are other areas, especially those highly populated with Asians who have mastered the technique and charge around £3 - £4 only.

We, at CoLaz, charge the minimum in for the best Threading Hair Removal in London at just £3. We also bring great offers across all CoLaz branches - eyebrow shaping or tidy up for just £2.

Is it Painful?

The treatment involves taking hairs directly from the roots, it therefore, resembles waxing. However, treatments last around 20 minutes for a full face or 5 minutes just for eyebrows. The pain is usually within the threshold of most clients. In rare cases does it exceed that.


Clients are advised to avoid washing their face with water of a very high temperature. Often soothing creams or talcum powder can be applied onto the skin in order to cool it down. Clients may find that the area will appear red for several minutes after treatment. In majority of cases the redness will die down in up to 20 minutes.

What about Threading Hair Removal Side Effects? There are no side effects with the treatment as it is a non-evasive treatment. However, there is a possibility that the thread may cause a cut to appear on the skin. But that happens either if an untrained person does it, or if the skin is too thin or sensitive.

Colaz Threading

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Feel free to call, email, or stop by any of CoLaz branches. You can look great today with our quick, inexpensive threading hair removal for upper lips, eyebrows and face.If you are interested in learning how to thread, we offer an intensive one-day threading course at our Beauty Training Centre. Find out about our threading course here.

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