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Advanced Acne Skin Treatments for Clear, Scar Free Skin

Zits, spots, pimples, acne...

Whatever you call them, they plague many of us from our teens into adulthood. A common, yet often
chronic skin condition, acne affects approximately 80% of adolescents and up to 20% of adults.

We’re all subject to the dead skin cells, dirt, and oily secretions which clog the skin pores, allowing oil and
bacteria to build up in the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is this build-up and inflammation that results in
pustules, pimples or other irritations.

While the bad news is, there is no cure for acne, scientists are attempting to discover one daily. The good
news is you can control and reduce the condition significantly by using medication from your GP and having
regular skin care treatments here at CoLaz.

We will help you find the acne skin treatment that is best for you according to several factors. We tailor our
treatments to the type of acne you have, as well as the cause and severity of your skin problem. The wrong
treatment can often do more harm than good. That’s why we recommend that you consult with one of our
skin specialists to begin your journey to soft, smooth, blemish-free skin today.

Acne Formation

Acne Formation

Our trained skin specialists at CoLaz will help minimize these problem stages by using
specialized products and treatments suitable for your skin.

CoLaz Advanced Acne Treatments

At CoLaz, we use several treatments to fight acne. Your skin specialist will determine the best treatment
for you during a one-on-one consultation, which will include the following options:

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Suitable for...Mild Acne, Moderate Acne

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

Alongside IPL hair removal, this is also one of the most successful acne treatments, working best in cases of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. High-intensity pulsed light targets affected areas and permeates tissue to destroy harmful bacteria and help prevent future breakouts.

And, since IPL is completely safe and non-toxic, it delivers drug-free results without side effects, pain, photo sensitivity, or downtime.

Light Emitting Diode Therapy

Suitable for...Mild Acne, Moderate Acne

Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LED)

LED therapy is a very popular way of treating moderate to severe acne since it is both non-invasive and painless. Our treatments utilize red lights, blue lights, or a combination of both to neutralize acne-causing bacteria. All to stimulate tissue healing and skin repair.

The energy produced by the LED’s reduces inflammation, replenishes damaged or dead cells, and stimulates collagen production, thus preventing future breakouts. A great solution long-term.

Top benefits include the treatment’s suitability and safety for all skin types.And though it is more expensive than other treatments, many people have reported significant results.


Suitable for...Mild Acne, Moderate Acne

Diamond Peel Treatment

A diamond peel treatment is a mechanical exfoliation technique similar to microdermabrasion. This noninvasive cosmetic procedure removes excess oil, dirt, and dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the younger, brighter skin cells underneath.

It is most successful for mild to moderate acne conditions, though not recommended by acne dermatologists for treating severe levels of acne.

Chemical Peels

Suitable for...Mild Acne, Moderate Acne

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels, again, are another common treatment of mild to moderate acne. Peels are used to remove dead cells by exfoliating the top layer of skin. Since they penetrate deep into the pores, they can unclog hair follicles, destroy bacteria, and stimulate the production of collagen and new cells all at the same time.

There are different types of peels available, but some can cause redness, irritations, and temporary photosensitivity. We advise a consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists before you set up your appointment.

Dermapen (Micro Needling Treatment)

Suitable for...Mild Acne, Moderate Acne

Dermapen (Microneedling Treatment)

This automated needling treatment naturally stimulates collagen and elastin drastically better than traditional microneedling.

It gives skin strength and structure while helping to replace dead skin cells, so you get a young, healthy look without the often-painful side effects of traditional micro-needling.

CoLaz Advanced Acne Treatments

CoLaz skin care products are unique in the UK and manufactured by top cosmetic surgeons in the US.
Our product range contains no excess fillers, artificial colours or fragrances and are very powerful skin treatments for acne.

CoLaz Acne Skin Treatments Products

Before and After

Before and After

I had my LED light therapy done for 3 Weeks. I must say the TREATMENT WAS WONDERFUL! My acne has become SOOO much better, the redness has reduced a lot and my active acne has almost gone. Thanks to all the therapists.  I am extremely satisfied and looking forward to book another session as well if necessary. ~ Zonash Arshad

Colaz expert team

Consultation Procedure

When you arrive at your one-one-one skin consultation, our specialists will discuss all your concerns with you and do a thorough skin analysis. The therapist will then prepare a customised skin regimen programme to target your specific needs.

Please note that the best treatment for acne is a continuous regime program me. We advise you with the best regime to help keep your acne condition under control and clear up the damage caused by previous acne breakouts.

Acne Skin Treatment