Worlds Scariest Hair Removal Experience

by LizF ferguson
(North eadt)

Many moons ago, I decided that enough was enough.

For years I had suffered jibes about my mono-brow
'Ooooo - are you angry? Why do you only have one brow? Liz's house - Where Wolves live!' etc, blah blah .. you get the picture of how I suffered being the butt of everyone's joke.

Anyhow, I decided to have my eyebrows separated by electrolysis.

No one told me it was painful and the idea never crossed my mind - despite being a born coward.
I almost levitated right off the beauticians bed .. the pain was intense.

'You've gone a very funny colour' the beautician looked a bit concerned.

As she came in for the second hair, my hand shot out and grabbed her wrist .. just gut reaction, really. But, no matter how much AI prepped and steeled myself, I couldn't resist grabbing her hand every time she tried for the second hair.

We gave up.

But, the irony of the story is, that every time I pluck the elocuted hair out, it grows back with such vigor and spite. The hair must be six times thicker and six times darker than my other hairs.
I really don't think the hair liked being elocuted at all and has made its life's mission to punish me by making itself a constant reminder right in the middle of my face, of the day I tried to kill it!

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