What's Wrong With My Skin Q & A

If you've been wondering, "What's wrong with my skin?" we can help. Our team of experts work on a variety of skin problems everyday and can advise on most skin issues and what treatment would be best to resolve them. For more information and to book a free consultation, contact your nearest CoLaz clinic today.

Please be aware that our skin care professionals are skilled in their field, but their advice is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians. Always seek the advice of a medical doctor for skin problems of concern. Colaz will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising therefrom.

Though there are skin problems that raise serious health concerns, many are non-life threatening and just plain bothersome. Acnemolesage spotswartsblood spots, hives, rosacea and eczema are just a few of the skin disorders that affect people every day.

Wondering about your skin?  Snap a photo and share it below, along with a description of your problem and any symptoms  or reactions you've been experiencing.  Include any information you believe may be related and we'll review it and give you our recommendations in a timely manner.  

Blood Spots


Spider Veins

Age Spots

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