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What's Wrong With My Skin Q & A

If you've been wondering, "What's wrong with my skin?" we can help. Our team of experts work on a variety of skin
problems everyday and can advise on most skin issues and what treatment would be best to resolve them. For more
information and to book a free consultation, contact your nearest CoLaz clinic today.

Please be aware that our skin care professionals are skilled in their field, but their advice is not intended to
replace medical advice offered by physicians. Always seek the advice of a medical doctor for skin
problems of concern. Colaz will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or
other damages arising therefrom.

Though there are skin problems that raise serious health concerns, many are non-life threatening and just plain
bothersome. Acne, moles, age spots, warts, blood spots, hives, rosacea and eczema are just a few of the skin
disorders that affect people every day.

Wondering about your skin?  Snap a photo and share it below, along with a description of your problem and any symptoms 
or reactions you've been experiencing.  Include any information you believe may be related and 
we'll review it and give you our recommendations in a timely manner.  

Blood Spots PictureBlood Spots
Warts PictureWarts
Spider Veins PictureSpider Veins
Age Spots PictureAge Spots

What's Your Skin Problem?

Write a description of the skin problem you are experiencing, share a photo and we'll give you our recommendations.

Other Visitors Skin Problems

Click below to see skin problems other visitors have shared...

What is this Itchy bumps on my skin? 
I got what I thought was a zit but after one day it turned into a weird rash type thing. What is this? Reply Hi there, Thank you for contacting …

Why have I got red dots all over legs where hair grows? 
Hi I'm a 19 yr/o female and i have red dots all over my legs and thighs where the hair comes out, they get more inflamed when i shower, some times they …

I got Acne - Small red spots on my cheeks and scarring Not rated yet
I think I gave myself acne, because I didn’t have it before. I think I did this because about a year ago I started using new products and I experimented …

Raised, discolored patch of dry skin on arm Not rated yet
Hi CoLaz I recently noticed a patch of dry skin on my arm. It started out really small and started to get bigger. It doesn’t hurt, itch, or ooze. It’s …

Help! I have Dry, Flakey and Inflamed Not rated yet
Hi there Can you help? it stings, sometimes itchy, looks and feels disgusting, and hard to hide. plus, anything with chemicals makes it sting and …

Red Painful Spots in various places on face  Not rated yet
I’ve always had acne, I’ve had it under control for quite a while but recently I went on a trip to a slightly hotter place but not extreme, forgot my face …

What Are These Blotchy Red Patches on Face? Not rated yet
Hi there, I've had this problem with my skin for nearly a year and it's been getting progressively worse, it's these very dry, red patches on my chin and …

Red Marks on Face Not Due to Acne Not rated yet
Hi there. I am a 16 y/o female. I have red marks that look like acne scars on the bottom part of my cheeks close to my jawline. I've never have an acne …

Help Please ! Painful Red Dry Rash all Over Face Rosacea Not rated yet
Hi there. I never really had skin problems before this year, but now I have really dry, really sensitive skin. I had pretty bad acne last summer, so I …

Itchy patch of red bumps that are tiny and sometimes bleed Not rated yet
Hi there Forearm. Appeared out of nowhere. Itches at times. Little bumps on skin. Doesn’t seem to spread, but I am developing a new patch on upper arm …

Lots of beauty spots (or freckles). Not rated yet
I have a lot ( about 10 )beauty spots on my face that i want to remove. Reply Dear Kam Many thanks for your enquiry. Moles, or beauty spots, …

Dry skin and raised bumps on my legs Not rated yet
I have eczema, and because of the cold weather recently I have broken out a little on my arm. However, though my legs are dry it doesn’t exactly look like …

I have dry flaky skin in my eyebrows and around my nose. What is it? Not rated yet
Hi CoLaz Can you help with my dry flaky skin under my eye brows and nose? The skin underneath my eyebrows, in my eyelashes and around my nose gets …

Red Blotchy Skin on Arm. What is it? Not rated yet
Hi Look at my lines and blotches. I think they are my veins. But only look like this when im cold/ sick I look like a lizard! Reply Thank you …

Tan on my face is taking too long to go. What can I do? Not rated yet
My forehead is tanner than the rest of my face and the tan is taking too long to go Hello Meha, Thank you for contacting Colaz Harrow. Our team …

I used to have mild acne but then a few months after I started birth control Not rated yet
Hi there I used to have mild acne but then a few months after I started birth control, it went away completely. I was off birth control for one month …

Small red bumps on my upperlegs and feet and on my upper arms amd hands  Not rated yet
Hi I have Small red bumps on my upperlegs and feet and on my upper arms amd hands. Please help Reply Hi Thank you for contacting CoLaz Small …

Why am I getting all over body itch Not rated yet
Hi CoLaz About 6 weeks ago my skin started to itch, at the beginning there was no rash, now my skin is red and little bumps, both red and like under …

Spots raised and dry all over torso Not rated yet
Hi there, Can someone help? Is this just dry skin? It itches and oil baths help. Reply Dear Matt, Thank you for sending in your case. …

I have acne, dry dark type of skin on my cheeks and face. Help! Not rated yet
Hi there Help! What's wrong with my skin?! I'm 42 and never had this happen. Reply Hi there Thank you for contacting CoLaz in Paddington. …

Acne Black skin and I look Ugly. Please Help! Not rated yet
i have a bunch of dots in my face, some are black. and its really ugly and im embarrassed to go to school without makeup on or when i wanna take a picture …

I have lots of small dot like pores all over my cheeks along with red veins but my skin is perfectly soft and moisturised!? Not rated yet
Hi I'm Jo, I've just turned 41 and I'm getting so confused & upset with how over the last 6mths or so My skin has changed and now I'm seeing lots of …

Small spots on face (forehead and nose area) Not rated yet
Hi CoLaz They are spots that are on my forehead and around my nose area that don't go away from everything I do. Reply Hello N.K Thank …

I have red blemish acne scars due to hormones - Help? Not rated yet
Hi there. Can you help? I have had hormonal acne for a good few years and have been with many red blemish scars, on various parts of my face. …

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Acne scarring and uneven skintone  Not rated yet
Hi CoLaz I get pimples often and no matter how big or small they are, they will always leave horrible marks and scars that turn into dark spots which …

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs on neck and face. Maybe Hirtusim Not rated yet
HI There Quick question: At first I thought I suffered from Hirtusim as I have an excessive amount of facial hair on my face for a female but I have …

Acne Scar Treatment For Indian Skin Not rated yet
Hi I am an Indian male around 40. I have had acne most of my teenage life and now I have acne scars. Can you please advise how I can reduce them and what …

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