Electrolysis- Permanent Hair
Removal Method

Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal Method

Millions of people are embarrassed by their excess facial and body hair. If you too are plagued by rough, annoying hairs springing back up as soon as you shave them off, electrolysis might be for you.

What is Electrolysis?

Basically, it's most usually referred to as an effective method of hair removal, but it's actually an electrical process that can lead to permanence more than 90 percent of the time.

This is because the process of electrical jolt followed by manual hair removal doesn't just destroy the hair itself, but the actual follicle as well—the hair can never again grow back to irritate you.

It usually takes a series treatments to achieve removal success and the desired permanent results. The electrolysis method was invented over 100 years ago, so you can rest assured that in today's times, technology and safety standards have advanced so that your treatment is as risk-free and effective as possible.

How It’s Done?

The process of electrolysis hair removal is a bit more uncomfortable than laser because a sterilized needle is placed into each hair follicle, delivering a small electrical current to the base, destroying the hair growth cells. Our expert technicians then individually remove each hair using tweezers.

"I am currently receiving Electrolysis treatment. I’ve been overjoyed to find that CoLaz service is so professional and they use very up to date equipment. Also, the cost is a lot less than what I paid in Hammersmith. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It is virtually painless and with the new machine they are using it is also very quick. Definitely would recommend CoLaz to anyone." - By Mehwish Gilani

Who Is Electrolysis Best For?

Everyone suffers from recurring patches of hair—after all, hair growth is natural. But some people have extremely dark, course hair that is more of a medical condition than a beauty issue. Immune illnesses, prescription medicines, hormone imbalances, and just plain inconvenient heredity can all be factors that lead to your need for permanent hair removal options.

For people with these conditions, electrolysis hair removal is a miracle cure. Imagine never again having to wear pants when you want to show your legs but didn’t have time to shave. CoLaz provides the service that can make it possible to wear what you want, when you want, without even having to think twice about hair removal options.

Unlike traditional laser hair removal that is most effective on lighter skin tones and darker hair, electrolysis is effective and permanent on almost any skin and hair color combination.

Most areas of the body can be treated successfully by electrolysis, including:

• Back
• Legs
• Arms
• Underarms
• Abdomen

• Chest
• Face and Upper Lip
• Jawline/ neck
• Bikini Line and Pubic Area
• Eyebrow area (where laser hair removal can’t treat)

If you came to this page wondering "what is electrolysis" hopefully now you have your answer. It's a permanent and effective way to get back your confidence and feel your most attractive. At CoLaz, we only provide services that are technologically advanced and extremely safe so that you get the results you want. Call, email, or come in to any of our four branches to learn more about how electrolysis can help you.

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