What Are These Blotchy Red Patches on Face?

by B.

red blotchy patches face colaz

red blotchy patches face colaz

Hi there, I've had this problem with my skin for nearly a year and it's been getting progressively worse, it's these very dry, red patches on my chin and around my nose and they can get quite sore if I don't moisturise enough. My doctor prescribed Fucibet cream for it which helped a bit, it didn't clear it up completely but it did help calm it down, but it doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I've tried just about everything for it but since I don't know exactly what it is, I don't know what I should be doing to treat it. I'm hoping you can help shed light on my skin situation, any advice would be great! I'm a 23 yr old female, I don't wear makeup most of the time because of this issue and it's really starting to affect my confidence, I would love to have clear skin.


Hi B,

Many thanks for contacting Colaz Paddington.

After viewing your picture you sent in I can see that your skin around your upper lip and chin is quite red and inflamed.

It does look like eczema or dermatitis and quite correctly your doctor prescribed an anti inflammatory cream.

What we can help is by giving you a free skin consultation with one of our expert skin therapists and speak to you about factors that may trigger this off or make symptoms worse. For example your methods of hair removal and environmental impacts on your skin.

We have successfully helped a number of customers with a treatment called LED Light Therapy that can help with similar symptoms.

You can contact us in 02074022772 or email us at CoLaz Paddington

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind Regards

Deepika Khungar
Managing Director

Colaz Paddington Branch

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