Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal

Waxing vs laser hair removal; which is the better option? Let’s decide it.

Waxing is a well-known more traditional method of hair removal. It involves applying warm wax onto the hairy area and then smoothing down a wax strip on top. The wax bonds on to the hair, so that when the strip is pulled away quickly, the hair is also pulled along with it.

Laser hair removal has become popular amongst many. Following the celebrity footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham everyone is willing to try it out. But there is a basic difference between waxing and laser hair removal.

Laser treatment is a stronger and more effective method of hair removal than any other method including IPL which it can often be mistaken for. It promises a long term reduction of hair growth anywhere on the body. People see lasting results within 6 - 12 sessions. Some areas respond faster than others and it works for a wide range of skin types.

Here is How Laser is More Durable and Preferable than Waxing

Hair Free for Longer
Yes, waxing has always offered a promising removal which lasts between 3 to 6 weeks. However once you have completed around 3 - 4 sessions of laser your hair growth can be just as slow, and you will be pleased to know that it returns thinner and patchier. With waxing the growth comes back just as it was before the removal.

Treatment Vs Removal
Laser hair removal, you must remember, is more a hair treatment as opposed to removal. So if you have a hot date scheduled, trying out your first laser session the day before is not going to leave you with a smooth finish. The growth can still come through for the first 10 days after treatment, so you must shave in between your laser sessions.

Waxing, on the other hand, will give you a clean look right when you need it. So in certain circumstances waxing would be the recommended choice of hair removal. For male clients who may not want a permanent reduction would also probably prefer waxing.

Cost – Now and in the Long Run
Upon visiting your salon, the bill may seem more appealing when you look at full legs waxing which only costs £15- £35. As opposed to full legs laser which can be around £250 - £350 per session.

Also you can purchase waxing equipment from your local drugstore which means you can do the treatment at home at your own sweet will. You could end up purchasing everything for under £10, and even manage to have several uses from the products too.

However, laser treatment saves you the constant trips out to either have your treatments done or purchase more spatulas. Time is money. With laser hair removal becoming ever more popular the prices are reducing now.

Not very long ago Colaz offered laser hair removal course of 6 Full legs laser for £528. That works out to around £88 per session, but you're likely to see a noticeable reduction afterwards. It can take around 6 - 7 months to complete the course. After the initial course you may return for maintenance sessions, but these can be once every 3 months.

In the long term you can end up saving so much money.

Full Legs
Per treatment
40 Weeks
5 Years
10 Years

Risk of Burns
Everyone fears that laser hair removal has many side effects. This is not true. It is safe to use on the skin; some people can become sensitive if they are taking any particular medication. The therapists will make sure they are fully aware of your medical history before conducting treatments.

Will it cause burns? There are several horror stories on the internet, so long as you are visiting a fully licensed professional salon the risk of being burnt reduces. Before starting laser hair removal, make sure the therapist has conducted a patch test. This will ensure they know how your skin responds to the treatment.

Burns only occur if the incorrect settings are used on your skin type. If you have not followed the aftercare procedures correctly then this too can risk burns.

Waxing holds the same risk; the wax is heated before use and can often be too hot on the skin, causing it to blister and burn.

Irritated skin

Both the hair removal procedures are heat treatments, meaning that your skin may become red, itchy and you can often have a heat rash. Taking an anti-histamine and applying seudocreme or aloevera to the affected area can help soothe this down.

Waxing has been described to be very painful. You can feel the hair being ripped out of the skin. The other method is comparatively gentler, though you can feel zaps of heat which makes the treatment less comfortable. Laser machines also have a cooling agent built into them, which cools the area down before the laser beam even hits it.

Our recommendation
Waxing is not completely outdated. There are new techniques arriving on the market. With hot wax being less painful than traditional waxing, the treatment can benefit people looking for a fast and effective hair removal method.

However, Laser is an amazing option which our ancestors would have only dreamed of. So long as you have a suitable hair type, you should definitely consider Laser hair removal. It's more cost-effective, less painful and gentle on the skin.

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