Wax Hair Removal - No More!

by Julie
(Hagerstown, MD, US)

It was a warm summer day and I had a meeting to attend. I was busy with the children all day and before I knew it, it was almost time to leave.

I rifled through my closet and the only acceptable thing I had to wear was a knee length skirt suit. I thought, "Ok, but I haven't shaved in a while". I had been growing out the hair on my legs long enough to have try a home waxing kit for the very first time. I may have let it grow perhaps a little too long.

Time was running short, so I grabbed the box and read the directions. I didn't think it would take too long, so I began to heat up the wax. I thought I would be smart and time saving if I applied ALL the wax and strips before pulling them off.

I also thought now was a good time to groom my eyebrows, which at this time almost resembled two caterpillars sitting on my face.

So, I applied some wax and strips to my face and braced myself for removing the strips and hair from my legs.

I started at the bottom and grabbed a strip and pull as fast and hard as I could. - OUUCCHHH! I screamed! It felt as if I had just ripped my skin off. I thought, "This is ok. At least the hair will be gone." I looked down to admire my glistening, hairless strip of skin and much to my chagrin, not only had it not removed the hair, but the wax was still stuck to my leg! I panicked!

I quickly reapplied the strip over and over in an attempt to remove the wax. No luck! So I began frantically pulling all of the strips from my legs with the same disastrous result.

I called my mom for advice. Once her laughter died down she suggested applying more hot wax. I tried it and the same thing happened. She suggested I use some ice to harden the wax and peel it off.

That didn't work either. It was getting to a point where I would be late for my meeting so I jumped in the shower and tried using hot water and soap and conditioner and shampoo...anything I could think of, but the wax wouldn't budge. Finally, I grabbed my razor and tried shaving the wax off. The wax was clogging the razor and my skin was getting nicked constantly. SOME of the wax came off but not all.

By this time, my legs were still covered in wax, beet red and bleeding all over. I jumped out the shower, put on some bandages and pantyhose. I hoped no one would noticed that I was still sporting a waxy look. I got dressed and ran out of the house as fast as I could so I wouldn't be late to my meeting.

In the car, disheveled and in pain, I realized I didn't even have time to apply any cosmetics, so I looked in the mirror- OH NO! In the midst of all this pain and suffering with my legs, I had forgotten I still had wax strips covering my eyebrows! I was mortified! I pulled over to the side of the road and prayed that they would come off easily.

I had hope I would remove the strips to reveal beautifully groomed eyebrows. I braced myself and pulled.

Well, there was SOME wax still lingering, but not the way it was with my legs. Unfortunately, I removed a bit too much hair on one brow and nearly none on the other.

I proceeded to my meeting. My face and legs horribly red, bandages and some wax still present and one eyebrow over groomed while the other wasn't groomed at all. When I arrived clearly distraught, hoping no one would notice, I became the center of attention and the other members of the meeting suggested we reschedule the meeting for a time when I "was feeling better".

I was humiliated. I drove back home and climbed into bed, wax and all, hoping I could sleep away the nightmare of my first waxing experience.

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