Wax Bikini LIne

by Maxx J

One beautiful evening (if it was summer or winter, I don't fully remember), I, quite stupidly in hindsight, decided to wax my bikini line. Now, there was nothing going on the next day; I just wanted to experiment.
So I gathered my waxing tools: waxing strips... and nothing else.

No baby oil to remove excess wax.

Nothing of the sort! Because I was such a pro, why would I need it? Hmmm? Exactly.

Thus I began. I warmed up the strips, separated them and applied to the desired parts. Then I thought to myself (also stupidly), 'Why don't I do my armpits as well? Might as well get it all done in one fell swoop'. And so, I warmed up more wax strips and applied them to my armpits.
I waited. And then proceeded to peel the wax strips from my bikini line.


I couldn't scream out loud so I had to do a silent scream instead. I thought 'okay, that was bad but I'm sure the armpit will be better'

YEAH RIGHT! Cue another silent scream.

Believe me, I did not touch those wax strips for 10 minutes. I just sat there thinking in horror about my predicament. I couldn't call for help, my family would laugh at me. So I proceeded to slowly, and yet painfully, remove the strips.

I finally got them off. Like I mentioned earlier, no baby oil for the wax. So I found my tiny tin of Vaseline for chapped lips and used that instead.

That night, I waddled to bed like an overweight penguin.

My thighs didn't touch.

My arms didn't touch my side.

I slept in a snow angel position.

No affected part of me touched skin.

I made sure of that.

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