Upper Lip Hair Removal by CoLaz Helps You Look Your Best

Feeling beautiful is important, but maintaining your best look can be time consuming. The menace of excessiveor coarse upper lip hair, if left unchecked or put off too long, can make an otherwise feminine woman feel like a man with a mustache.

CoLaz offers great options for getting rid of upper lip hair, other than laser and electrolysis. Check this page to see how CoLaz can help make the task of facial hair maintenance easy, relaxing, and fast.

You are Not the Only One

First of all, you’re not the only woman with annoying, prickly hair above her lip. Millions of women all over the UK suffer from the same awkward feeling of too much facial hair.

Excess female hair growth can be caused by lots of things, but it most commonly comes from a hormone imbalance. Your hormones can become imbalanced from something as simple as a prescription medication or pregnancy, or a more serious condition like polycystic ovary syndrome.

Any factors that cause a woman to have too much of the male hormone can make this kind of embarrassing hair spring up on the chin and upper lip.

Options for Removing Upper Lip Hair

Obviously, most women want a solution as soon as they notice a few stray hairs. But the area above your mouth is small and delicate, and using just about any over-the-counter product you find can be dangerous.

Harsh chemicals like hair dissolving or bleaching creams can burn your skin, leaving you with a red rash instead of a less-noticeable line of hair.

The most effective, and the longest lasting solutions are upper lip hair removal laser treatment or electrolysis by CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal. Laser treatment is a safe, hugely popular and widely used procedure that involves aiming a beam of bright light at dark hair, which absorbs the light and is destroyed at the root. This process kills areas of many hairs at once and is completely painless 9 out of 10 times.

Electrolysis is a little different. Hair removal with this method involves the trained technician inserting a tiny probe into the skin next to the hair follicle, then zapping it with a small jolt of electricity. This permanently kills the hair root, so that it can never grow again. Electrolysis is a little more time consuming, but worth it in the end, since your upper lip hair problem will be gone for good.

Some other options that CoLaz offers are waxing and threading. These services don’t offer the same level of permanence as laser or electrolysis removal, but they are each simple, quick, and more effective than bleach creams or endlessly tweezing yourself.

CoLaz offers great solutions for ridding yourself of those pesky hair above your lip. Stop into any of our colaz branch for a quick waxing or threading service, or easily contact us for an appointment regarding laser or electrolysis.

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