Unwanted Hair 'Sticky Lip' Minus the Brow = DISASTER!!!!!!!!

by Bobby Singh

WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

Whilst most people are worrying about getting rid of unwanted hair – I wanted hair! Yes hair! On my face!!!

What guy can reach to the age of 19 and not have facial hair right?? Growing up in a mixed circle of friends and attending an all boys’ school proved difficult for me! I was always the ‘Gimp’ that was made fun of!

As much as I made out that I was developing facial hair but just Slooooower than everyone else, the response I would get was, “That ain hair its jus’ Bum fluff!!” =(

Anyway I just learned to live with it and thought that one day “miraculously” I would grow some sort of dominant beard and feel like a real man! But little did I know how that hair would appear!!

It all happened one night when I went over to a mates place for a few drinks and over indulged and passed out in their bathroom.

It is pretty much a guarantee that if you’re overly drunk and near enough paralytic you are going to wake up the next morning minus your Clothes? Money?

And even some sort of FACIAL HAIR??! Anyway, I finally woke up on my mates couch (once they had dragged me out of the bathroom) and left me to drown myself in my own body weight of alcohol - It was still dark and the flat was quiet so I guessed they were still in town or gone out to get food.

It wasn’t until I could feel that there was something quite unpleasant, irritating and HAIRY taped to my upper lip. As I was naked it didn’t take me long to realise what had happened!!

My mates had stripped me naked and shaved off my pubic, eyebrow and armpit hair and rolled the hair up like a moustache and had taped it to my LIP! With; ‘HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A REAL MAN???’ written across my chest in black pen!! What a disaster!! I was NOT impressed!

They finally arrived back home and were all in hysterics and rather disappointed that they weren’t there to see me wake up as I had showered by the time they got home.

It was ok in the end as I laughed it off and realised that everyone is different and there has to be someone in the group that provides the “entertainment” – Especially when my mates’ girlfriend drew eyebrows on face to make me feel better!! – So Yes!

I had to walk the streets carrying on with my daily life while people stared at my eyebrows, AS IF someone was going to believe what they had all done to me!!

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Forgot to shave !

by Nav

In year 7 I was finally allowed to shave my underarms. Obviously being brown and having dark hair this was great for me as it meant I could finally start wearing vests in the summer without feeling insecure. So I continued shaving happily.

At school a trip to Lego Land was announced and I was excited to wear a vest (lame I know), When I got to school I was so excited, giving my friends hugs and high fiving my peers. I started hearing giggling from the boys after a while and kept getting asked to do Bhangra (which involved lifting my arms). I felt so popular LOL!

It was only half way through the trip at Lego Land I realised I completely forgot to shave! I was so embarrassed but still had a little hope that nobody had seen and they really did just want to dance.

The next day I went into school and it was obvious that all of my class mates had seen, I wasn't able to live it down until year 9 came along and im pretty sure that they have all forgotten now!

Anyway the moral of the story..Get laser done and never forget to shave again! haha!

July 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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Ugly Duckling to ....A WHOLE LOT BETTER!

by Hamida

Ugly Duckling - WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

So as most people are aware...Asians are most unfortunate with facial and body hair, quite frankly we look like monkeys from the moment we are born (well I did)

We may have thick, dark, healthy hair on our heads.....but that?s not the only place our hair grows in the same comparison!

As a child at school, I was nick named ?Tasha?.....for obvious reasons (I had a tash) but not only did i have an un-natural amount of hair on my upper lip....but also on my chin, cheeks, forehead and to top it off I also carried a Uno-brow in the middle of two very thick bushy eyebrows! Not the most attractive look on a girl who is just about to start college!

My two best friends were absolutely stunning! Fair skin, defined cheekbones and overall BEAUTIFUL. So naturally I would feel even more conscious of my appearance.

Once i started college (a place of hormones and testosterone flying everywhere) i was noticed even more...FOR MY FACIAL HAIR!

One day I thought enough was enough; I need to do something about this! Clueless at how to effectively remove all my hair as my mother never allowed me to do it......I went off to boots to buy some hair removal cream. I spent a while in there juggling about 10 tubes and boxes in my hand, reading them all, and seeing which one will be the best for me, when I eventually settled on one.

So off home I went, excited about what I was about to do! I waited till my mum was in bed, then in front of my mirror I applied the hair removal cream on my upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, middle of my eyebrow...EVERYWHERE! I had already read the instructions in the shop so didn?t need to do so twice.

As i waited for the magic to take place i jumped in the shower....done my thing then washed of my face!
Excited and exhilarated at what I just done, I jumped into bed and eagerly waited for the next morning to go to college and show off my ?new face?

As i walked through the college gates, heads and eyes were turning rapidly, and murmurs of ?what the ****? were heard. I thought this was a good shock, until my friend (a few hours later) whisked me away to the loos to question me at what I had done....she looked utterly shocked....but NOT in a good way.....as I looked in the mirror, all my facial hair was glistering BLONDE against my DARK brown skin! I APPLIED HAIR BLEACH ON MY FACE!

Since then I promised myself to leave all things regarding facial hair to the experts! I am now all waxed and threaded and look and feel great about myself! And in fact, next week is a college reunion (i haven?t seen these people in 6years) and I?m hoping to turn more heads this time....but for all the right reasons!

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Razor blades

by kam

When I was a little girl I used to watch my dad shave his face and often thought what he was doing. So one day my mum was outside talking to the next door neighbor and my dad was at work. I went into the bathroom, shut the door and decided to do what my dad used to do.

I got his shaving foam, rubbed it all over the face and then got his razor and started to razor my face.

Suddenly, I saw blood pouring from my face into the sink. When I looked into the mirror I had cut my chin so badly. I panicked and started screaming and yelling for my mum. My mum came and saw what had happened and also panicked.

"What have you done" she yelled (in Punjabi, and trust me its worse in Punjabi language).

She didn't know what to do, luckily my neighbor heard the screaming I was doing and came inside our house.

My neighbour told me to lay on the sofa, she cleaned me up and stuck plasters (so many) on my chin.

When my dad came back, my mum told him what had happened and he replied "serves her right".

That day I have never touched a razor on my face ever again.

Ladies if you don't want thick black stubble/dots on face, don't touch the razor unless being told by a professional.

June 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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Prickly Body After Shaving

It started from a young age, around 11 when I had my first disco at school.

My mum shaved my underarms so I was able to dance and move around freely without the embarrassment of hairy underarms. Since then, I started shaving my whole body, my arms, underarms, legs, stomach, bikini and everywhere I saw a bit of hair.

So when I met my boyfriend who I have been with for three years, he noticed that the hair on me was slightly more brittle than it should be, and when he felt my stomach he said it was like feeling his beard and the same with my arms and legs.

Since that day I have been really insecure about my body and have been shaving on a daily basis especially if I'm going to see him, I have to make sure that every bit of hair is removed and that my body doesn't feel prickly.

It's really embarrassing as now it is hard to get out of the habit and I'm afraid that I wont be able to get rid of it for a very long time as I am addicted to removing all the hair from my body even if it does involve having to do it every day.

My prickly body is affecting my confidence and self esteem as it makes me feel rubbish and not beautiful in any way what so ever.

March 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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How I End Up With Hairy Women In My Life!

by Keith

Ever since I was at Uni I always seemed to attract hairy women. I mean my first girlfriend had hairy underarms, can you believe that?

My second girlfriend ended up growing hair on her chin. After a few years I got married and my wife got fed up of waxing and started growing hairs on her legs and then my young daughter ended up with a mustache.

This hairy stuff is really getting me down.

I hope I win this laser hair removal competition as it will be an ideal valentines gift for my hairy wife!

February 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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Forehead hair Removal...bold move!!!

by Jas

My friends 11 year old daughter decided late one evening that she didn't like her hairy forehead and the wispy strands of hair near her hairline. So in her wisdom she decided the only solution was to use her mums hair removing cream, which she applied VERY generously to ensure maximum impact.

However to her shock on removal she was left with a significant bold patch in her hair. After a few minutes of panicking and tears, she did what every little girl does when in trouble,she went running to her mum for a miracle solution.

Luckily they had a thick hairband which her mum used to hide the evidence. The following day at school no one commented on the new hairstyle. So the lesson to be learnt here is, hair removing cream and children are not compatible.

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Eyebrow Threading

by Rubinder

WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

One day I was looking in the mirror and I noticed that my eyebrows were a bit thick and not neat so I thought ok how can I get around this without leaving the house.

So my 1st option was the internet. I went on the internet and typed How to thread my eyebrows, and got a ton of instructions, so I got all the bits and tried to thread my eyebrows but I just couldn’t do it! So then I tried to pluck but it hurt way too much!

So I thought you know what? FORGET IT! I was far to frustrated with it!

Later that night I was in the shower and I looked in the mirror at my eyebrows and noticed that they were actually really bad (even though the water made it stand out more) so I thought I know I will shave around them?

So there I was shaving around it god knows how until I shaved half of my eyebrow off! I was so petrified I didn’t know what to do I just stood there panicking!

I put a plaster on it and my sister asked me what happened to my eye. I said I had cut it. She called my mum over and my mum made me remove the plaster just in case it was serious.

So my whole face went red and she gently pulled the plaster off and there it was the ton of laughter I was afraid of! I just didn’t even know what to say. My mum was trying to ask me what happened but couldn’t even get the words out because she was hysterically laughing at me!

I told them the silliest little story about how I was in the shower and fell and the razor fell on my eyebrow! But hey I was only 13!

They still bring it up till this day! So now I learnt my lesson and leave it to professionals and by that I mean I leave it to affordable laser hair removal.

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Hair Removed Patch Works

by Liz Brown

It was a Saturday evening and beat up from the night before, me and the girls decided to have quite night in. So we ordered a takeaway, got some of the fizzy stuff, a few romantic comedies, a range Barry M nail paints and some hair products. It was the beginning of a perfect girl’s night in, but soon to end badly.

As we waited for our food to arrive, one of the girls was eager to try out some hair dye. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a new look and opted to try some of the honey blonde dye one the other girls brought along.

Despite having put perm in her hair a couple hours earlier, she insisted that it was fine. Although the product stated CLEARLY, that the dye was to not be applied if any other chemical had touched the hair, she was still adamant and claimed that she had done it before and had no problem. Foolishly I believed her and agreed to help.

So I applied the dye and left it in her hair for the recommended time. Whilst we waited, we popped in a romantic comedy and giggled unnecessarily, due to the effects of the fuzzy stuff.

When we thought the dye was ready to come out, we headed upstairs to wash it out. Half way through washing the dye out, we could notice unusual chunks of hair falling out into the bath. By the time all the dye was washed out she had NO hair left.

She was left with bald patches all over head and only a few strands of honey blonde. She looked like shaven chicken. Her boyfriend was definitely going to be surprised!

Liz Brown

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Hair Removal (and Skin) Cream

by Zoe

After staying up late one night watching those annoying but strangely addictive infomercials, I decided to buy this 'effective and gentle' hair removal cream that apparently lasts up to 3 weeks and you could even use it on your face!!

Amazing I thought, once I got it I read the instructions and tried it out on my upper lip, chin and sides of my face, I wiped off the cream and thought great! They were telling the truth it works!

A few hours later I though my skin feels a bit tight, I left it and went to bed, the next morning I had what could only be described as crusty areas exactly where I had applied the cream

So instead of hair I had dry crusty red skin in the exact pattern of a moustache and beard!


I applied tonnes of moisturizer but it was still obvious I had to put up with weird looks from people on the tube for 4 days!

NEVER AGAIN, that stuff went straight in the bin!

June 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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Trapped Pony

by Sarah Deily

It was coming to the end of the summer holidays and I had rocked the Audrey Hepburn crop all summer, it was time for a new look!

Maintaining my short haircut was becoming a hassle and having treatment every 2 weeks was starting to burn holes in my pockets.

I was yearning for something different and to be honest I missed having hair that draped musingly over my shoulders. I was starting collage soon and I wanted a new look, so I decided to go shop for some extensions.

Whilst hair shopping, I came across a Diamond Candy Curl “20” drawstring ponytail (not as luxurious as it sounds, only £9.99 in your local hair shop) however it looked good, so I purchased it.

A couple of weeks later, I was ready to show off my new look at collage. So that morning I slicked my hair back with some ultra strength holding gel, clipped it into a bun and attached the ponytail. It wasn’t a tight fit however it seemed tight enough to hold for the whole day, so I was ready to go!

I was so excited with my new hair extension, that every now and again, I would wind my fingers through the tight curls and admire my reflection through anything that allowed me to.

That morning was very windy and the bus was taking forever, and every time the wind blew my ponytail will fly up into the air leaving my neck exposed to the cool breeze.

Finally I could see the bus approaching, my frustration slowly crept away. I was elated because cupping my hands together and trying to blow warmth into them, was no longer working. So I reached for my oyster card and boarded the bus.

The warmth of the bus left me feeling cosy and I almost feared getting off to face the cold weather once again. I became so comfortable that I almost missed my stop.

I leaped up from my seat and dashed downstairs as quickly as I could. I just managed to get through the doors before they closed, but as the bus drove off I could feel my bun being detached from the hug of my ponytail. OMG! My ponytail had been caught in the bus door.

As the bus drove further the ponytail was dragged off my head and I watched as the bus left with my ponytail caught between the two gliding doors. I stood in embarrassment as onlookers laughed. I was left standing in front of the collage gates, with no hair and the look of embarrassment written all over my face.

Sarah Deily

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Having Hairy Body

by Vikrant

I have a hairy body n face which makes me feel odd as I always have to cover my body till neck and also after shaving it the hair growth is so fast that its easily noticeable and looks funny.

I have given up by shaving my chest by using razors or hair removal cream.

What worries me going for any laser treatment is their prices.

My friends makes fun of me because of hariy chest and face and not having a fresh look.

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Forgot To Shave My Hairy Legs Party Nightmare!

by Gina

I was organising a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend at my flat, running around getting everything spot on just for his surprise.

We were together for 3 years at the time so I knew his whole family and most of his friends so getting people down for his birthday was not going to be an issue.

I spent most of the day getting the shopping and drinks in as well as the decorations. The day flew by and when it reached 5pm I was panicking as I still had to clean the whole kitchen due to the mess I made preparing the food and needed to tart my self up to make a effort in front of the guests.

Guests were told to arrive at 6 prompt so as I worried I cleaned the kitchen as soon as I could and set the snacks on the Table by the time I done this I only had 20 minutes left to get ready.

I rushed up and started off doing my makeup and hair. I had my outfit ready but as I was doing my hair the door bell started ringing. I was feeling hot and nervous and quickly put the dress on and ran downstairs to open the door.

It was my boyfriend and his friends - I shouted out surprise! He didn't look so amused though because I could see everyone focusing on my legs I looked down to see I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO SHAVE!

What a nightmare!

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Worried About Hair On My Body

by Anthony
(London - Peckham)

I've always been ashamed about how hairy my legs have been; not to mention my parents did not allow me to do it. I then decided 'Enough Is Enough'. I attempted to get rid of it using that Hair removal cream and sometimes a razor.

When my parents came home one day, they looked at me in my shorts and were gob smack. . . Anyways, A few mouth went by, I was going to go abroad. I thought my relative would judge me because I get rid of the hair on my legs. I decided I Should keep it on a low.

The very first day I got there, my female cousin was commenting on how hairy my brother had become since the last time she's seen him. Then the conversation moved to me. I felt so embarrassed. To make things worse, my brother would usually make it obviously whenever I would shave next.

I use to get bullied back in secondary school about my uni-brow. I asked my sister if she can help me. She helped me wax the middle. The next day when I went to School, Everyone was staring at me.

The most embarrassing moment was when I went to thread my eyebrows (just the middle), but without my sister. (I usually went with my sister). The Women Shaped Them up soo badly that I Looked Like A Woman! I was so shocked and worried since I had school the day after. I Then Went To My Sister's House! She Offered A suggestion, to not make it so obvious.

She suggested Spray Tan . . . I Have To Admit It Kind Of Worked, But Even my teachers started to ask! 'Did You Go On Holiday?'. My colleagues also noticed. Also the bullies noticed. They would make comments which made me feel so embarrassed, but surprisingly no one would take notice.

May 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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