New Colaz Ultrasonic Cavitation Dissolves Fat and Tightens Skin Without Surgery

If only you could lose just a few more pounds. You’d look great in that bathing suit you used to wear. And what about those tight fitting jeans?

You just can’t seem to shake those stubborn fat pockets with diet and exercise. 

You may think you need to endure a painful tummy tuck or lipo suction. But now you can lose the love handles, belly bulge, saddlebags, fatty thighs, and saggy arms without surgery. 

CoLaz revolutionary new Ultrasonic Cavitation body slimmer reaches both surface and deep fat. You can even get a facelift or treatment around your eyes.

It’s perfect for post pregnancy saggy skin or for those who’ve lost a lot of weight and need some skin tightening.

Sculpt and Contour Your Body with our Miracle Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment

  • Dissolves cellulite and deep fat cells permanently
  • Reduces waist, abdomen, and buttocks
  • Tightens and rejuvenates skin
  • Tones your skin, improving its texture and elasticity

  • Smoothes scars and wrinkles
  • Naturally improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Promotes tissue metabolism

Advanced Colaz Ultrasonic Cavitation Melts Fat Away

This leading edge fat busting body slimmer uses the advanced power of ultrasound to destroy fat. The fat is then drained naturally from your body. It’s a painless treatment focusing only on the affected area using low energy and high frequency sound for safe and effective results.

Here’s how it works

The first step is to target the area for treatment. Then we administer the ultrasound in circular movements with the applicator. The ultra sound hits the targeted fat cells at certain parameters so that surrounding tissue is unaffected.

It then causes mechanical disruption of the fat cell membranes, breaking them down. The lymphatic channel absorbs the fat as waste product and carries it away. Your body then eliminates it naturally.

How long treatment session?

30 to 60 minutes need including  preparation, treatment and post treatment procedures. Usually times vary on the portion being treated and how much fat layer.

Immediate Results with No Side Effects

Ultrasonic Cavitation’s sculpting, fat reducing results not only last, they are often immediate. Many clients notice a change after only one session. This is a revolutionary treatment with no anesthesia, no surgery, and no pain.

And there’s no recovery time. You walk away from the treatment and back to work or to whatever you had planned that day.

Don’t worry if you have questions about ultrasonic cavitation. Our trained technicians will explain everything to you before treatment and answer all of your questions.

You can be confident you’re getting expert treatment by people who care.

And our after care advice means you’ll know exactly what to do in the days following the procedure.

Since the fat is dissolving and being naturally eliminated thru the body, you will be asked to drink more water, rest a bit more for a few days, and monitor your energy levels.

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