To shave or not to shave after laser hair removal?

by Helena

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have found your answers to some of the users questions extremely helpful!

I had my first treatment(chin) a week ago and have not yet experienced any shedding. My chin hair is growing at its usual rate (very high due to PCOS-I would pluck everyday before. Fortunately I can stay at home for another few days and have the luxury to wait around for the shedding. But I fear that if it s not going to happen it will be very long by the time I get the next treatment (in 2 weeks) and besides the obvious embarassment I know that it creates high risks for skinburns.

I guess I could trim the hair but you mentioned somewhere that if there is no shaving the shedding process might not happen. So my real question is Should I wait for the shedding to happen? And how long until I can safely assume that it won t happen-so that I can decide to shave?

How long should the hair be in order for the length to help the laser process and at the same time not pose a risk for skinburns?

PS Fact is the day before the treatment I had plucked my chin hair. Can I assume that the laser didnt work because of that and that the hair I m seeing is actually the untreated hair growing?

What should I do in that case? I want to inform you that plucking the day before was not a lack of information or responsibility on my part but rather an unavoidable occurrence since the day after I was only scheduled for a visit when the dermatologist decided to do the treatment right away.

I sincerely thank you in advance!
Helen M.


Thank you for your enquiry

As you have stated in your email you have waited a week, what we usually recommend is waiting approximately 10-14 days for your hair to shed.

However there may be instances where your hair has not actually shed and this is when you can exfoliate the area treated to aide the shedding process. Trimming the hair before the 10 days,where shedding is taking place, is also a recommended option as long as you are not trimming the hair too close to the skin's surface.

The reason why it is important to allow the hair to come through during this stage is that dead hair is essentially pushed out.

I hope that helps

Alaiyka CoLaz Slough Receptionist

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