The Skirt Conscious! :-)

by JM

My Aunt's leg with razor burn [view from behind]

The Skirt Conscious - WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

The image shown attached is my aunt's photo of her legs (back view) I hope she won't find out I sneaked it out from her drawer! :-)

Okay? so anyway, it runs in our genes to have tiny hairs in arms and legs. We think we inherit that from our great-grandfather which is a German. But my aunt's hair on arms and legs are longer than everybody else in our family.

Her's is more like a man's hair so now you guess it right! She hates it!

She worked and lived in the Middle East for more than 30 years. I guess we all are aware that women esp. expats are not allowed to wear anything that bears a skin there especially in the 80's.

She used to wear long jeans, long skirts, etc. and so therefore her body hair wasn't an issue to her before. However, because of the many years that she used to wear a bit of tight jeans, her hair on the legs curled up and looked even worse than before.

When she finally got back home -for good- 3 years ago, she suddenly felt conscious of her body hair especially on her legs because it really looked like a man's leg thick, long and all curled up.

She can't wear shorts or skirts because she is embarrassed [yes believe it or not she is, at her age of 44 :-)

What she did? She started shaving off her arms and legs every week and it goes on like that for one and a half year until just recently, we noticed her legs with black-like blisters and we easily recognized that it was a razor burn! But despite of that, she didn't pay attention to it instead; she kept on shaving and shaving her arms and legs.

We understood that she had become used to it that it became a part of her usual weekly routine!

Until I introduced her to waxing! :-) Now she doesn?t shave anymore. It seems to be working well with her and she actually enjoys herself being waxed! I am still trying to convince her with laser hair removal but I think she isn?t into it yet.(I think she had come to her senses that she is a bit old for that as well)

At the moment, she is really enjoying her wax treatments every other month and we are happy for her. She was also able to managed and treat her folliculitis very well.