The Furry Creature Down Below

(Slough Berkshire)

The Furry Creature Down Below - WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

I was dating this guy for a couple of months and as you know the perfect moment comes, to get it on....

Lets rumble...

Any way we were enjoying the passion and then all of a sudden my hand met this furry creature. oh my god was it furry !!!!!

Then the moment stopped. I got up and ran to my cupboard He said "What are you doing"

I didn't reply I was to busy searching through my closet for the one thing that could help this furry creature and then I found it and screamed

"I got it"

The poor man's jaw dropped and he looked so horrified. All of a sudden his hands reached for his Calvin klein. I ran and grabbed them and through them across the room.

I said "wait, trust me, I won't hurt you. I love you"

His eyes looked deep into my eyes, yet so fearful he responded "okay"

So I reached over and plugged it in. With in a few minutes it was warm and dipping like chocolate melting.

Then quickly before he could change his mind I grabbed my spatula and spread it over this hairy furry creature. It spread so smoothly like butter over bread. Then I grabbed my strip and whack it off.

Yes, you guys are right, I waxed him............

He screamed so loud that my windows nearly cracked. "Stop" he shouted " please, I beg you"

But I couldn't for some reason, I just could not stop, even though I wanted to when I saw his tears but just couldn't.

At last that furry creature was gone. I had the biggest grin on my face. I looked up into his eyes but he just looked away. The poor man was in pain.

That was my only night of passion with him. It was worth every moment. At least the furry creature was gone but a word of warning, it shall return, where and when, I do not know.

If you do see it please have your wax pots ready or better still go and get it zapped away foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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The Best Story
by: kiran

Why has no one voted for this story. Have to say this is the funniest out of the lot.

so come on guys vote for this story to win

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