The Episode of Bushy Eyebrows

by Natalia Silva
(Florida, USA)

I love to look good and am almost paranoid about any shortcomings in my appeal. I exercise daily and use a lot of natural products including lime and honey to keep my hair and my skin in perfect health. I also have a weekly schedule for manicure and pedicures.

This schedule was marred totally when I went to a week long hike and camping with my family. While it was an amazing experience, throughout the trip there were phases when I would ponder upon issues like how would I actually be looking if by chance, we ran into Tom Cruise in these mountains?

Or what would happen to my skin after 3 days of exposure to fresh air only? Such trains of thought most often were derailed by my hair getting entangled in brambles or me almost tripping over stones.

A crisis arose on our return when we found out that the same day; we had to attend my husband’s cousin’s birthday (a family gathering).

I started my beauty regimen! Face packs, waxing etc. continued till in the evening and I felt confident that no one would be able to tell that I had gone hiking till I would tell.

I beamed at my tenacity and expertise.

Having donned a beautiful dress, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I was horrified to see my eyebrows, which had become a little bushy! There was no time to go to a parlor, so I decided to them myself!

Pluck, pluck, pluck, and time became intangible.

I was admiring my handiwork of 2 pencil thin eyebrows till my husband shouted that everyone was waiting for me. I rushed out.

At the gathering, as I moved around gracefully meeting everyone, I could not help but notice the quaint way people looked at me.

They would seem confused at first and then smiled politely, their eyes constantly darting back to my forehead. I went to my husband and asked, “What was wrong with me?

Why is everybody looking at me in a funny way?”

He looked at me, then my forehead and smiled.

“Honey, better check yourself in the mirror”

Puzzled, I went to the washroom and it was then I noticed that one of my pencil thin eyebrows was higher than the other!

I had been so intently plucking that I forgot that my face was habitually tilted when I matched the eyebrows at level!!!

Now, it seemed like I had a perpetual eyebrow raised in surprise!

I face went red, then purple and then red again. How long I stood there I do not know, but I do remember how swiftly I exited the party!!

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