Get dazzling white teeth with
affordable cosmetic teeth
whitening treatments
from Colaz.

Get a Dazzling Smile in Just 20 Minutes with Colaz’s Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

It happens to most of us over time. Food, coffee, & even tobacco stains build up on your teeth. You brush every day, but still your youthful smile loses its luster and becomes dull and less attractive.

Colaz’s Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

This is why we've added a new cosmetic teeth-whitening treatment to help transform your tooth colour to a brightness you and your loved ones haven’t seen in years. Now you can have a celebrity smile with dazzling white teeth after just one 20-minute treatment.

Your perfect smile is all you need to give you that boost of self-confidence. Many people have found that whiter teeth have even helped them improve their job prospects. They have more fun in life, able to laugh & smile like they used to.

The procedure is completely safe and there are no side effects. And research has shown that there is no risk to your tooth enamel following a cosmetic teeth-whitening treatment.

There’s no longer any need to depend on your teeth whitening toothpaste with its empty promises - you can visit us during your lunch break and leave with a brighter smile today!

Colaz’s Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Whiter, Brighter Teeth Safely at an Affordable Price

We do not use hydrogen peroxide, unlike most dental clinics. Hydrogen peroxide poses a risk of burning or blistering of the mouth. And dentists can often charge prices from £600 - £800.

You can get the same results with our much safer product for just £99. And all of our therapists are fully trained & experienced with the treatment procedure.

How Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth Whitening Works

Our fully trained therapists apply General Dental Council (GDC) approved gentle brightening gel onto your cleansed teeth. We then transmit a blue LED light in order to help activate the gel. The gel opens up the teeth pores and drains out stains on the surface and within. It’s like magic!

The treatment is completely pain free & you’ll relax in a very comfortable environment. We can also administer treatments on top of veneers, crowns, dentures, & bridges. However, note that this will only remove stains but not whiten the teeth.

What You Need to Know Before Your Treatment

Colaz Teeth Whitening Treatment

We recommend that you have visited your dentist within the last 6 months prior to treatment so that you can guarantee your teeth are healthy. For 48 hours after the treatment you will need to follow our after-care procedures, including avoiding the consumption of any coloured food or drink.

We highly recommend this treatment even if you are a smoker. However, within the first 48 hours after treatment, you should reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Perhaps consider using a nicotine patch to aid you with this.

If you follow the correct after-care procedures, you can expect to maintain your beautiful, whitened teeth for a long time. Most clients like to top off their white smile every 6-12 months. Smokers may decide to come back more often.

Teeth Whitening Treatment


Book a consultation to any of our four Colaz salons to find out more. The procedure is quick and easy and we’re conveniently located in London, Southall, Slough, and Hounslow.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening