Small red bumps on my upperlegs and feet and on my upper arms amd hands


I have Small red bumps on my upperlegs and feet and on my upper arms amd hands. Please help


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Small red bumps can often occur on arms, legs and feet as a result of irritation to hair follicles due to shaving, or clothing rubbing against skin. If there is inflammation or a pink undertone on the bumps this can be due to bacteria entering the open skin and can look like a rash from the razor.

Another name for a similar condition is Keratosis Pilaris; this involves blockage of hair follicles through plugs of hard skin which widen pores as a result of excess keratin (a protein found in the outer layer of skin). This can give the skin a spotty appearance.

Skin texture tends to improve in warmer climates and often these bumps and spots occur in dry weather conditions, therefore we can assure you it’s nothing to worry about, however if it is bothering you, you can try the following methods to improve the skin:

  • Use non-soap cleansers instead of ordinary soap as this may cause more dryness on the skin
  • Heavily moisturize your skin when its dry; it is better to see a GP or pharmacist as they can recommend the best possible cream for your skin type especially if you are finding a buildup of rash
  • You can take warm showers until the spots have cleared; try not to have a hot bath
  • Use a gentle exfoliater twice a week on any rough skin

If you are finding that there is no improvement in the skin, I would advise for you to see your local GP, or pharmacist as they may be able to diagnose your skin further.

I hope the above information has helped answer your question; and if you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8571 0300 or
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