Hounslow Laser Clinic Skin Problem

by Gurpreet Johal

I had a skin problem around my eyes which i wanted to get rid of. So, I tried using so many expensive skin products that didn't work for me at all. I recently came back from India, my skin get more darker around the eyes.

One of my friends advised me to go the Colaz laser clinic saying that it would be helpful. She herself went for this treatment and the results looked good.

I went to the clinic for a free consultation. One of their employees, harpreet explained to me everything very clearly. She told me about the treatments available for me, and what procedures there would be included for those treatments so that i would have a good idea of what it would be like.

She explained all the possible side effect and told me of ways to avoid them for before the treatment. She tested my skin and gave the results before deciding what treatment I could have which was affordable. The treatment prices seemed reasonable enough.

Overall I was happy with the consultation and felt reassured about the treatment I would be having. The booking times for the treatment were very flexible which is a help for me considering I work tricky hours.

Thank you so much


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Mixed Reviews about CoLaz Hounslow

by Linda Abney

I have mixed reviews about my visits to Colaz Hounslow. I had come in during the week after being recommended by a friend to book in a free skin consultation. I was greeted by a polite receptionist who asked me to speak to the manager. I then met with the manager whom to be honest felt had no time for me at all. I found her advice incorrect and to be honest quite bizzare! It made me wonder if she had any qualifications at all! I felt she was pushing me to to purchase products I simply didn't need - I left feeling very disheartened and thought this is yet another salon who are in it for the money.

I however accompained my friend to her skin consultation on Friday 15th August where we met with a beautiful receptionist who greeted us. We did have to wait 10 minutes before the start of my friends consultation but it was certainly worth the wait. My friend was put in the skin scanner and was given a HONEST analysis of her skin - my friend had told me her concerns before and Deep (the therapist) had identified each concern.

Even though I was not booked I had told her of my experience when I had come in, she apologised time and time again and assured me that Colaz really cared about their customers - she offered me a skin consultation too! I spoke to her about my daughter who has Vitiligo. This is something that was very personal to me. She went out of her way to call up another branch and then call her Manager to see if anything could be done for my daughters Vitiligo condition.
Unfortunately Colaz at the moment do not offer such treatments but the beautiful soul researched numbers of dermatologists to give to me.

I would urge Colaz to employ more therapists like Deep if you want a good name in the market - it is not always about making money

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