Sexy Eyebrows

by Hannah Eastwood
(Basingstoke Hampshire)

I have always been funny with my hairy body as a sufferer of polycystic ovaries it has always been a problem so I would try anything to get a hair free body especially my face.

A couple of years ago I invested in a electric hair removal machine that promised to remove all unwanted hairs.

The hairs on my eyebrows are very long so I was excited to see the end results however when the buzzing started I looked in the mirror like I had just seen a ghost!

Yes I do lack common sense and didn't brush my eyebrows before I started before I knew it the hairs were clogged together and woosh the whole of my eyebrow was gone in one sweep!

I wore a plaster on my eyebrow until it grew back and said I had badly cut my eyebrow of course it didn't last and I am still the office joker!

Another one for you I have really bad hair under my chin and neck and if untreated can look like a mans beard i was sat in the bath and at 21 feeling sorry for myself and another 2 weeks till my next waxing appointment in a moment of madness decided to get the shaving cream out and a razor started shaving in the mirror like a bloke not realizing that my boyfriend of not that long may I add had walked through the bathroom door to see me shaving my chin!

lets just say I have never been able to look at him shaving ever since and i will never live it down.

Thanks for reading :)

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