Review CoLaz laser hair removal alvaston Derby

by ChetDow

I just completed a series of laser hair removal processes. Sharing my experience and thoughts regarding the same will act as a guide and assistance to other people wishing to undertake the process. I searched for laser in alvaston in derby but found CoLaz on Pear Tree Road.

People have different results after going through the six treatment procedures on the skin to be treated. The two areas that I needed hair removed are underarms and bikini area.

The procedure Immediately I got to the salon, the receptionist was very friendly and without delay, the process began. The workers were all quite welcoming and lively. The initial step was applying the numbing cream. However, I was informed that the cream was optional. I opted to go for it because I had been informed of its benefits. Numbing cream took about half an hour to set and during these time they help me relax by giving me good magazines to read as I waited. I was then asked to relax as the therapist moved the laser across the treatment sections. In most cases this is a challenging and painful moment because it has a snap or a burning feel. On the contrary, the pain was quite mild which assured me they perfectly knew what they were doing.

The entire procedure did not hurt as expected, just some discomfort. I commend these specialists for their expertise and professionalism. Further, the level of care and concern shown is suitable. They recommend you get naked or expose the area to be treated, I was provided with a comfortable skirt to wear. They lowered the chair to increase comfort and relaxation while receiving treatment because the entire process is carried out when one is lying down.

The treatment did not leave any marks, but I was a little tired soon after the entire process ended. Though the whole process was not very painful and the staff was very friendly, my hair reduction was only 70%. I was a bit disappointed as I expected a 100% hair removal but was advised to take up the process every 4 to 6 weeks to guarantee excellent results as the hair grows. In conclusion, the experience at the salon was great and satisfying, I recommend it for laser hair removal.

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