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Here is a true story of hair regrowth in men. It's about a guy who at the age of 26 realized he was going bald. Of course, he knew whom to blame. His father and his uncle were both bald, so from early childhood he suspected he might eventually go bald as well. But somehow he didn't expect it to happen at such a young age.

As a young lawyer, just starting his career, it wasn't easy for him to get used to his hair loss. Beautiful thick hair is a status thing, an indicator of your success and well-being.

He nervously researched his options. Wearing a hairpiece grossed him out, and a hair transplant was way too expensive and disturbing a procedure.

After studying other options, he finally decided. And after his treatments he ended up miraculously re-growing his hair within a year! We'll tell you how he managed it and what you need to do if you also notice you are going bald.

First of all, pay attention to when you start losing your hair. That's because the chances of getting your hair back are much better if it's been less than five years. Within that time, it is not dead yet, it's just dormant.

So let's say you notice losing hair since last year. That is a very good-case scenario because you are in the beginning of the process and can still get most of your hair back.

The Hair Regrowth Treatment that Worked for Our Young Lawyer

Then, you need to see a hair regrowth specialist like Colaz. Just getting over-the-counter medicine to regrow your hair is reckless and may not be a great idea. As it turned out, what really worked for our 26-year-old lawyer was a multi-therapeutic, personalized approach. That's how he got the best results.

If you just use over-the-counter drugs, you are never really sure whether you will get your hair back or not. The Colaz specialist, however, will do some tests to see what might work best for you and prescribe a treatment that will fit your needs.

It might be laser, hair growth nutrition products, special drops to use topically, shampoos, all in a perfect combination to achieve the best results. Maybe you won't even need laser if all you want to do is prevent hair loss. But, the thing is, you shouldn't leave it to sort itself out.

For instance, can you tell how many hairs per centimeters you have in the areas of loss? You are probably not sure. We're going to take a capilliscope and magnify your hair 50 and 200 times.

Then we'll take pictures and actually see where you are. We'll monitor your progress so that you can see the hair growth you're paying for. That's why we want a consultation with you, because this is one of the things we need to know to be able to treat your hair loss most effectively.

The Colaz Complete Program of Physician Approved Hair Regrowth for Men

So, if you're looking for a quick "order-before-midnight-tonight-quantities-are-limited" product, there are plenty of those out there. But we are different. We are a certified clinic. And we are part of a group that's been doing hair regrowth in men in 30 countries all over the world for over 27 years.

We take the time to find out what your needs are. And we actually have a "more hair" guarantee. A visit to Colaz, your specialists in hair regrowth for men, might finally be the start of your hair restoration.

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