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CoLaz Helps Men and Women Stay Smooth with Pubic Hair Waxing

A totally hairless look is extremely popular these days, and, going by that, the pubic hair waxing trend is only going to continue.

Going hair free down there is no longer just for models and entertainers. CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal can help you get the results you want without using potentially dangerous drugstore DIY kits.

Read on to see how we can help.

Why Pubic Waxing is So Popular

The fact is that waxing is just plain easier and faster than laser hair removal. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who want to be rid of excessive, overgrown, or annoying pubic hair, waxing is the way to go.

Pubic Waxing

This is because it’s quick and not permanent, so if you change your mind on the style you want or how you like the look, it can always grow back.

Over the counter wax kits, or worse—depilation chemicals that soak into the hair root—can leave your delicate, private areas scorched, burned, blistered, or scarred. Waxing is easy when you see a professional, but isn’t as easy if you’re untrained and try to take on a whole area yourself.

It's best to seek out reputable, professional salons like CoLaz whether it is pubic hair removal for men or women.

The Looks You Can Achieve with CoLaz

There’s often this mental conditioning about pubic hair waxing that it’s only for women, entertainers, or models. In fact, this is just a stereotype, which is, by the way, totally untrue! The hair-free look is popular and well-loved by men and women of all ages and all lifestyles because:

  • It's easy
  • It's affordable
  • It's not permanent, in case you want a different look later
  • It gives you the freedom to wear what you want
  • It doesn't have the risk that sharp razors have when used near delicate parts
  • It's far more cost-effective than all the time you spend shaving daily

For these reasons, plus the idea that everyone should be able to attain the hair-free look they want, CoLaz offers affordable pubic waxing services. And yes, if you are thinking of waxing pubic hair at home, do think ten times before you do it.

Pubic Waxing for Men

Pubic Waxing for Men

For all those metrosexual men out there, who wish to feel confident with the way they carry themselves, CoLaz offers the best waxing solutions. As for pubic hair removal styles, men may not have as many options as women do, we still make sure that we give you gentlemen, the best and the safest services that we may.

Pubic Waxing for Women

For women, we have a whole array lined up. These are the few options that you can choose from.

bikini wax

A basic bikini wax will remove only the hair that’s visible outside your panty line. This gives a clean, triangular shaped result.

Basic Bikini Wax.

Next is the Half or Semi-Brazilian Wax, this procedure is a little similar to the Basic Bikini Wax. The only difference is that it extends in further from your underwear line which leaves you with a small patch of hair in the middle also popularly called as the "landing strip".

Brazilian bikini wax

A full Brazilian bikini wax, also called as the "Hollywood", removes all your hair from the front to the back totally leaving you hairless down there. This procedure is done to simply remove your hair fully and completely.

A full Brazilian wax can last up from 4-6 weeks and the procedure itself usually takes 30-45 minutes. The normal charge for full Brazilian depends on various factors. Unlike other types of bikini waxing, most specialists strongly recommend the Brazilian bikini wax to be done in clinics. It is not advisable to do it at home.

Some people say that a full Brazilian really hurts and hence, for the first timers it is your discretion to try basic bikini first before moving into Full Brazilian Bikini Wax especially if you are not sure about the level of your pain tolerance.

There are some clinics today that offer "Bejeweled or Bedazzled Brazilian bikini wax" wherein you can choose to have different kind of design and hair landscape of your taste. Go and explore to try different hair landscaping down there.

Whatever type or kind procedure you use, make sure that it will make you happy and satisfied. Do not forget to apply a soothing lotion that your specialist recommends after treatment and enjoy your hair-free skin.

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