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(Oulu, Finland)


I am 26 years old female and have been removing off my hairs from pubic area for quite a long time.

I have a concern that in the starting years, I had been bit careless in removing off the hairs from the pubic area so hairs in the nearby area of vagina have also got thick and long. I have started getting concerned that If I will start removing those also, the rest will also become thick and long; it will be kind of spreading then.

So, now when I remove my hairs off, I just don't dare to remove off the hairs from the surrounding areas.

Please, advise me, what should I do so that they get cleaned up and don't spread out also?

Thank you.

Reply Hi Oulu,

Firstly, you will need to elaborate on which method you are currently using to remove your pubic hairs.

Some people say that when you shave an area where there is no hair growth it can stimulate more or new growth to come through. This is in fact a myth. The thickness or location of the hairs on your body is influenced below the skin and is determined by your genes. Shaving simply cuts the hairs present at the surface of the skin. Whichever hair removal method you are using must be having an effect on your hair root in order to influence a change.

You have stated that you find that the hair growth appears to be spreading to new areas; this may be the cause of a hormonal or body change rather than due to your current hair removal treatment. There are options you can take in order to combat the excessive growth.

You can consider trying laser pubic hair removal instead. So long as you have thick and dark coloured hairs you will find that this treatment is effective. Typically you can expect to see your hairs thin down and reduce. Patches of hair will disappear for long periods and you may remain with just a few odd hairs.

In general you are recommended to take up a course of 6 – 12 sessions in order to see the optimum results from laser. This will help to reduce your hair growth for long periods of time this can often be for several months or a couple of years. Everyone’s body responds to laser hair removal differently due to this it is difficult to estimate the actual amount of time you will remain hair free.

You can maintain results by attending regular top up sessions as and when your hair growth returns. Laser hair removal is a completely safe hair removal method which can be used to treat the full body as well as the private areas.
You would need to initially visit your nearest salon and schedule a consultation. You must ensure that you are going to be using a laser that is suitable for your skin type and steer clear from IPL.

IPL is often marketed as a permanent hair removal method and can be confused with laser. Although similarly it uses a light method to reduce hair growth, there is a chance that it can cause your hair growth to spread. This is because the light is penetrating below the skin, and unlike with laser hair removal. This light can spread out and effect surrounding hairs. Laser hair removal light is more directed.

I recommend you look into starting laser, should you have any more queries feel free to contact me again.

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Jul 25, 2014
Hair Growth Spread
by: Eiphla

Thank you for posting my concern.

I have been using hair removal cream to remove my pubic hairs.
By the "spreading" hair growth, I actually meant, if I remove off very light hairs then the next time they grow more thick and longer and this is what has happened to the area around my pubic area. And, this is really a problem.

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