Permanent Lipstick Shape and Define a Full Youthful Mouth at Any Age

Permanent lipstick makeup can restore your youthful appearance and give you the lips you have always wanted.

Do you dream of having full, plump, luscious lips, but only see thin, pale lines when you look in the mirror?

Well, you don't have to resort to implants or collagen injections.

Throw out the lip plumper, the cinnamon oil, and the black pepper gloss. Permanent lipstick and liner will solve all your problems without surgery, irritating chemicals, or dangerous side effects.

Even if you had beautiful lips in your younger years, you may be noticing that as you age you lips are becoming thinner, paler, and maybe even a little bit misshapen.

Not to mention those irritating bleed lines that make lipstick look sloppy and unprofessional. Permanent makeup can combat the effects of aging and give you back the lips of your youth so that you will always look beautiful and rejuvenated.

Permanent Lip Liner

Lip liner is one of the most popular permanent makeup procedures because it allows you to add definition and shape to your lips. Pencil lip liners can smear or wear off throughout the day as you eat, drink, or lick your lips. And, you have the added concern of making sure that you draw your mouth on perfect and even every morning.

Permanent lip liner can define, and even enhance, your lips while also correcting any unevenness or imperfections. Subtle changes can be made to lip shape, giving them a fuller, more lush appearance. Plus, it will help prevent your lipstick from bleeding so your makeup will always look neat and professional.

Permanent Lipstick

Do you have very pale lips? Are you always applying lip gloss just to give them some color and shine? Even if you don't wear bright lip colors, you can choose a permanent lipstick shade in a lighter hue that will enhance your lips and give you a healthy, natural glow. And, if you do prefer something more dramatic, then go ahead and have Marilyn Monroe Red applied.

Keep in mind that whatever color you choose, you will have to live with for the rest of your life so experiment with different colors before deciding on a shade. If you select a lighter hue, regular tube lipstick can be applied over the permanent color for those times when you want to make a bold statement.

Many people who have permanent lip liner applied will also choose a full lip color as well. With both lip liner and lipstick, you will have beautifully defined lips and you will never have to worry about color fade, bleeding, or those embarrassing lipstick marks on your teeth. Imagine the freedom of going all day without having to re-apply your lip color or trying to sip your water without leaving pink smudges on the rim of the glass. Now you can kiss your friend's cheek without having to wipe away the evidence, and no matter how often you lick your lips, they will still look full, healthy, and luscious.

What to Expect

After the initial treatment, you can expect to have some pain, redness, and swelling for a few days. Your lips should be completely healed within 3-10 days. Your technician will likely ask you to return in 4-8 weeks for any touch ups that may be needed.

You will notice some color fade in the first month since the top layer of skin will exfoliate off taking some of the pigment with it. Some people notice a very slight change, while others say the color can lighten up to 40%. The degree of color fade will vary from person to person and will depend on the amount of "dead" skin that is sloughed away after the procedure. Dry or chapped lips will experience more exfoliation than soft, moist lips.

Whether you want to enhance small, pale lips or simply combat the effects of aging, permanent lip makeup can give you the shape and definition that you have always wanted.

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