Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Almost every one of our clients asks "Why isn't permanent laser hair removal completely permanent?" 

Though laser hair removal has been approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, don't let this mislead you, Laser will not eliminate 100% of the hair, it will result in a long-term and effective reduction of hair growth.

In order to completely understand you will need to understand the hair growth cycle. 

The quick and easy answer is that laser is only effective during initial growth phases and only certain hairs will be affected by a treatment at any certain time, and to be 100% percent effective you need to catch every single hair in its initial growth stage (which is very difficult to do).

If you are interested in learning the details keep reading and I will help you discover the details.

So what does all of this mean to you?

In simple terms, the hairs that are in the root stage (anagen hairs) on the day of treatment will be treated successfully and be permanently disabled.

The reason is that the laser only targets the blood supply and the cells in the area. The hairs treated in any other phase will NOT be permanently disabled.

Colaz Permanent Laser Hair Removal

When I come in for my treatment, approximately how much reduction will I see?

Well, it depends on what percentage of hair growth is in the anagen phase.

An example is scalp hair. Given that the hair on the head is fairly long, there is a higher percentage of hair in the anagen phase, normally about 70 to 80%.

If I was to treat the hair on my head, which is very long, it will probably never grow back.

Body hair: Normally, a very small percentage of hair is in the anagen phase and is targeted when you come in for a treatment.

Thus, you will notice a gradual reduction of hair growth each time you undergo a treatment, normally around 20% each time.

Some Examples of Hair Growth Times



Pubic Area

Anagen (Growth) Phase

2 to 3 years (sometimes longer)

18 to 24 months

6 to 8 months

Catagen (Shrivelling) Phase

2 to 3 weeks

6 to 10 weeks

6 to 10 weeks

Telogen (Resting) Phase

About 3 months

About 3 months

About 5 months

The duration of the hair growth cycle varies in different parts of the body and from person to person. It is affected by your basic genetic (DNA) makeup, age, health and gender.

Different hair colour and follicle shape also affects the timing of these phases.

The growth cycle is the reason why you require numerous treatments; we cannot determine in what stage your hair growth is, as we cannot see what is happening under your skin.

Other Factors that Affect Hair Reduction

The results will vary from individual to individual, due to your hair type, skin type, health, and age.

Thus, some clients will require more sessions and some will require fewer.

The following factors can also affect laser hair removal:

  • Hormones: Low levels of female hormones and high levels of the male hormone
  • Hereditary and racial background
  • Stress can produce more male hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Medication, birth control pills, steroids, etc.
  • Illness
  • Increased blood supply
  • Injury
  • Colour of hair: The finer or lighter the hair, the less effective laser hair removal will be

We cannot predict how many treatments you will require. However, on average, six to twelve sessions are required. Some maintenance treatments will also be required depending on which areas are treated.

You can view some of our case studies of previous clients by clicking here.

If all this sounds confusing email me your questions below and I will answer them within 24hrs. Or call today or book free consultation.

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