Best Options for Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

This one is for you ladies who are struggling to remove facial hair. There are a number of solutions and your options change according to the thickness of your hairs. 

You must firstly note that the face is a very hormonal, therefore you may experience faster hair growth when under stress or around your menstruation cycle.   

Threading Treatment

I would say that threading is a suitable treatment for every individual. This is regardless of your skin type or hair type. The treatment can at times be slightly painful as several hairs are plucked out from the area at once. 

Threading should be avoided when you have acne, or breakouts the thread may aggravate the skin further. 

Threading can be useful when shaping the eyebrows. It allows an extra definition which is not obtainable through other methods.

The threading method originally came from the Eastern side of the world, particularly India. A thread is used to pluck out strips of hair growth. This treatment is best done on the face as opposed to the rest of the body. It normally takes 15 - 20 minutes to do. 

Treatment is typically done within a salon, unless someone is trained to do it in your household. You would struggle if you tried to do it on your own face because certain areas are difficult to access without slightly stretching the skin.

CoLaz Waxing

Waxing results can last up to around 3 - 4 weeks; it therefore tends to be one of the most popular choices for facial hair removal. Waxing involves applying warm wax onto the area, and then small strips are smoothed over the wax. These wax strips are pulled away from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This pulls out several hairs from the root at once.

Waxing tugs at the skin, many people state that this loosens the skin and can promote premature ageing. There is also a risk of burns if the wax which is being applied is too hot for your skin. Sometimes people may also experience breakouts from waxing. Yet when done professionally your skin can be cooled down and protected.

Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal is effective in slowing down and reducing hair growth. Majority of women have more pronounced hair on their upper lip. This can be treated with laser. 

For those who suffer from hormonal balances and find that they often have thick and stubborn growth around the entire beard area. They will find that laser hair removal is the only treatment which can combat their excessive growth. Even waxing only delays hair growth for around 2 - 3 days before they return which is unlike the experience of other women. 

Between laser treatments you are required to shave the area with a razor or trimmer. This does not irritate the area if you adopt a method of applying hair conditioner to the area first as this softens the hairs down. The laser is applied on top of the shaven area. Laser can only be conducted on a specific hair type. Hairs must be a certain density and naturally a dark brown or black. Red, blonde and white hairs are unfortunately untreatable. In order for laser to be effective, it will only be conducted on areas where the hair growth matches the already listed requirements. 

This hair will return patchier, thinner in some cases people can see a complete hair-free hair result. This method is the most cost effective and works for all skin types.

Electrolysis For Hair Removal

For those who want to reduce hair growth but are not eligible for laser hair removal they can opt for Electrolysis instead. It is also recommended for those who only have the odd hairs which appear on the face. 

Many women after they have been through menopause find that they start to see few hairs appear around the chin. Electrolysis is very effective in removing these hairs.

The treatment involves a very small needle being inserted into the hair. The needle passes an electric current through the hair follicle. This then kills the hair and it can be removed easily with tweezers. 

Electrolysis is suitable for all skin types but must be done on adults above 18 years old. If you have a metal implant anywhere in the body then electrolysis cannot be done.

Hair Bleach

For those with very fine hairs they can try bleaching the hairs. Bleaching methods make the hairs camouflage against the skin. This method does not actually involve removing hairs but it helps to avoid any aggravation to the skin.

I would recommend testing out a patch on the arm skin firstly in order to ensure you do not have any allergy to the product. Hair bleaches are available from your local drug stores. Boots stock a popular product called Jolene.

Different methods suit different individuals. In my opinion, the best methods are those which help to introduce a long term reduction such as laser hair removal and electrolysis. However, if you are unsuited to these in any way then you can opt for the alternative methods.

I advise to steer clear from any hair removal creams as these could cause pigmentation on the facial skin.

For those of you who are teenagers 12 years and above, who have just started to experience the growth on your face then perhaps the most gentle of all the treatments would be threading.

Take care and if you have any Hairy questions feel free to contact me.

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