My Transgender Experience at Affordable Laser Hair Removal in Slough

by Jane

Dear Affordable

Hi my name is Jane and I am one of your clients who have just finished a course of laser treatment for my face. First for the benefit of other readers a little bit about me first.

I am transgender and started living my life as female full time on the 23rd of April 2011. I have however been a member of your web site from some time signing up in 2010, when I started to research about the different types of hair removal techniques.

At that time I lived in Hayes and your shop was just around the corner which made things even better and your prices where and are still are very good and the fact that you had a lot of promotional deals also made it very attractive for me.

As I started my new life I found myself now living in the Slough area and I was glad to see that Affordable laser now had a branch in my area and close to were I lived. After I got settled in and got my broadband sorted, affordable laser was one of the first places I looked and checked regularly every day for any possible deals, and my patients was rewarded with, a full beard special.

I phoned the clinic first thing the next day to confirm the offer and stopped on my way home from work that day to make my payment on the 19th of August 2011..Ruby’s birthday:) and given my first appointment.

I arrived for my first appointment and I was greeted with a wonderful reception by Harpreet, and with nerves excitement started my first treatment, after a consultation that was both factual and informative to my treatment and well delivered by Naomi.

On my second treatment I was with a different technician Rubina (Ruby) with whom I stayed with for the rest of my treatment. Ruby and I built up a good client and technician relationship and under her very knowledgeable and professional guidance over the next six month as she guided me through the necessary changes in the lengths of times between treatments and one that needed to be split into two sessions.

As I went through each treatment Ruby always told me when she was putting on the jell as it was cold and always told me she was about to start and where she was starting on my face which was very good as with the cotton pads and the protective goggles on one could not see.

Also through the individual treatments she at all times made sure to ask that everything was ok and to tell her if things changed and we always managed to carry on a good conversation as well:).

I have been over whelmed with the results and both Ruby and Harpreet have made comments of how soft my skin had started to look. The treatment that I have had done and the service that Affordable laser provides, has made such a big difference in my self-esteem and an incredible confidence booster.

I still have a long way to go yet as I will in the next few weeks be starting the final phase to eliminate all the hair from my face and that is the electrolysis.

I look forward to seeing Ruby and Harpreet again in the forth coming months as they are both very lovely people and I am glade to have been fortunate to meet.

I would and will recommend Affordable to anyone who needs to use their services. Their shops are very nice the treatment rooms are very comfortable and the staff very polite and professional.

Kind regards


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