My Scary & Exciting Microdermabrasion Moment That Ended Well

by Sandra

I went along to the Southall branch of affordable laser to have a microderabrasion session.

Although I was half-an-hour late (due to bad traffic), the staff were very courteous, professional and helpful.

Raj was the lady who did my treatment.

As I came into the shop she was cleaning the floor (mopping and was very quick). It gave the impression that the salon clean up regularly and have hygiene on the top of their agenda for clients.

I was soon led into the treatment room by Raj.

She washed her hands, explained what she was going to do and then asked me to lay down on the bed. She began by removing all make-up from my face. It was a lovely procedure and her massage technique was wonderful.

I felt comfortable with her. I am not usually comfortable with anyone touching my face (in particular seeing me without make-up).

She was brilliant. The massage was soothing, relaxing and I was totally relaxed by her massage. She then rinsed my face dried it with a towel. She then started the machine and put the necessary attachments to the microdermabrasion tool and commenced to "clean" my skin. It was a strange feeling because it felt like a sucker going over my face, I suppose like a vacuum cleaner.

She then showed me the tool and the attachment to let me see what had been removed and what the procedure was actually doing. The procedure was to basically remove any blackheads or blemishes from the skin. She said it is a procedure that has to be done in a few sessions.

I asked her about some sun spots I had on my face (age spots) and would they be removed in time. She said yes they would fade after a few treatments.

She then continued and changed the head on the tool and continued for the final 15 minutes. The treatment was for 30 minutes and when she finished my face was burning a little. She applied some lotion which was to soothe my face and then explained that I should not apply any make-up until after a few hours.

After the treatment was over I needed to apply my make-up (I cannot go out without it because I have facial hair and have to shave so the darker marks on my skin need to be covered). I went to look in my bag, all my other make-up was in their ie concealer, eye pencil and eyeliner and then my heart sank!!

I had FORGOTTEN in haste to get out of the house my foundation (never leave home without it necessity not for cosmetic reasons for necessity I state).

I was beside myself with worry "What the hell was I going to do?" I asked Raj if she had any make-up (foundation) in the shop and she said "No".

By now I was desperate and was thinking of the 20 minute journey how on the bus being stared at and having no confidence. I begged her if she had any and she went away and came back with a light version of some creme foundation (too light for me, but I still tried it) and then she found some more which was a little darker and then I begged again and she came back with a kind of powder.

I will never forget the feeling of desperateness!! I eventually covered it up and decided to call a cab to be on the safe side! In the meantime I was just grateful for the make-up she found.

Overall, I would say that I love the attitude of the ladies in the salon. They understood my feelings (which was very important). I had to attend my son's school straight after the treatment and it was a small meeting room with two teachers.

I was quite nervous at first but was glad that I was able to even cancel the cab and get on the bus. It is a good salon and I feel I was treated with respect and care.

A minor suggestion would be to keep some foundation in the salon for people like myself who need to wear foundation and could forget it!!

I have recommended the salon to other people and my friends. I am very happy with Manroop and her team and I would like to say they should keep up the good work!!

If you are looking for a good salon, I would certainly recommend this salon for care and professionalism.

With kind regards,

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Jan 22, 2017
by: m virdee

On Friday 30th December I came for a microdermabrasion facial appointment and I was 5 mins late so I rung up the salon to explain this. I was seen for under an hr and the therapist Ritu didn't apply sun block on me and I know/ understand very well that sunblock is always applied after this facial no matter what time it is as I live in a house and where I live is not windowless and I also have heaters!It would have been better if she was not argumentative with me and was a bit polite and it would have been better/perfect if she would have def applied sunblock on me! Ofcourse I know very well I need this treatment and I know I am not a therapist but my skin is normal/combination!I have discolouration which is the same as pigmentation! The manager/owner should hire the right staff for the role and would be best to have a talk with one of these people!Ritu said what she wanted to and she should have given me a chance to have my say too! She also left me for 20 or 30 mins while having my treatment done and the therapist always stays!I am not a idiot or fool as when I left I wasn't very happy!

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