My Experience with Derby waxing salons

by Hezzy

I have visited many salons and hair removing parlours over the years. But in the past few weeks, I have found one with a difference. The services that I have received at Colaz are not comparable to those I got and am pretty sure you will get anywhere else. After my beauty consultant had informed me that removing body hair by waxing was far much better and safer than shaving the hair- I went to Colaz to have my legs waxed.

Colaz did not disappoint me. I received noteworthy service. I was attended to by a lady (well, I can’t really recall the name). The attendant was so friendly and always attended to all the issues I raised. Before the procedure, she explained to me the benefits and the possible effects. Since it was my first time to go for waxing full legs – she explained to me that the procedure will have slight but obviously bearable pain which cannot be compared to the benefits the procedure is likely to have in the long run.

However, to my surprise, she did the procedure in such a way that I never felt the pain at all. In the course of the procedure (not the shortest of all beauty procedures you will ever go through) she kept entertaining me with various stories about multiple things. She also kept updating me about the beauty products that was using. After removing the wax, she applied firm pressure on my les in order to alleviate any pains.
Three weeks on, my skin feel very good and the hair is yet to grow. My skin feels smoother and no rashes appeared.
Moreover, waxing full legs is not the only service offered at Colaz. They offer many other therapeutic beauty services.

Colaz are the best. They are also found everywhere – they have so many branches. In case you want to go for waxing full legs or any other beauty services, just look for Colaz near your street.

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