Moustache? What moustache?!

by "Mo"

A couple of years ago, I was getting ready for meeting the girls for a spot of dinner.

As I was running my bath, I decided to dab some depilatory cream above my top lip, just planning to leave it on for a few minutes.

Then my mobile rang, I went to answer it and after speaking for a while, I remembered the bath was still running. I quickly headed upstairs and managed to avert a flooding disaster, then spent a few more minutes laughing about my foolishness down the phone.

I ended the conversation, then suddenly realised that the depilatory cream had been on for almost 20 minutes! I scraped it off hastily, washed my face in luke-warm water and carried on with my bath and getting ready.

Now, when I go out, All I wear is eye make-up and a dab of concealer under my eyes, I am lucky enough to have good skin that doesn't need foundation, so it took my a few minutes to do my eye make-up in my hand held mirror before heading out the door.

At the restaurant, I noted that the person on the reservations desk looked at me a bit funny, but I pushed it aside, thinking I was being paranoid.

I got to the table where the girls were sat and all at once their hands shot over their mouths!

My best mate asked me to follow her to the toilet quickly, on the way, she asked if I had used a cream on my "moustache" before coming out, confused and not wanted to admit I had, I replied Moustache? What moustache? I don't have a moustache!" she laughed as she led me in to the bathrooms and said, "Are you sure about that?" and to my horror, I saw in the mirror, an angry red "moustache" staring back at me. My skin had become aggravated by leaving the cream on for longer than I should have done!

I ended on slapping on a friends foundation to cover it, I'm pale and it didn't match my skin-tone, but it was either look like I have a red "mo" above my lip or have a face like an Oompa Loompa for the evening! Willy Wonka's freinds triumphed on the night.

I didn't get any photos of the red "mo" at the time, so I have recreated it for you with cheek make-up! Enjoy my shame.

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