Mistake Using Soprano Laser Hair Removal - Increased Hair

Hi there,

I use to have fine hair on my neck and made a mistake in getting it lasered.

The technician first started off by using Yag-Cynosure on me and the hair became thicker and longer and there is more of it.

I then switched to Soprano ice, (on my fourth session) the hair has gone lighter, but the amount of hair is still there. I mean, each month all of the hair sheds, however after 6 weeks the amount of hair is still the same.

Electrolysis is not an option as there is too much hair,

What do you suggest?



I am sorry to hear that after laser treatments you have found that your hair growth has become stimulated. Laser hair removal is best suited to thick or medium hairs. Often the heat from the laser can cause finer hair growth to grow courser and stronger.

The good news is that this process is reversible.

Before deciding which laser machine to get treatment from, you must consider factors such as your ethnicity and skin type. Soprano laser wavelengths are normally recommended for lighter skin types; although the FDA have cleared its use for all skin types.

If you have a darker skin type you may want to consider switching back to the ND YAG laser as it has a stronger penetration and is the best recommended. Soprano Ice uses 810Nm diode, whereas the ND YAG is 1064Nm.

We used to use both the Soprano and ND YAG laser 3 years ago. We discontinued use of the Soprano because we also found that although the Soprano was effective in slowing down the hair. The hairs were continuing to grow back.

We eventually transferred all our clients on to the ND YAG laser and have never looked back. We have several satisfied clients and can adjust settings for all skin and hair types.

Other factors which may be interfering with your results from laser could be your hormones. Generally, the face area tends to be a hormonal. Therefore the average client will require much more treatment here than in comparison to the body. We have clients who have had up to 15 sessions in order to see the optimum response to laser.

You may even have a hormonal imbalance or be taking medications which is interfering with your hair growth.

You mentioned that you felt that electrolysis is not an option for you due to the amount of growth. This may not necessarily be the case. If your hairs have become too fine from the laser we can treat each individual hair with electrolysis as it may be more effective. Although it will be a slower procedure it can still be considered as a suitable treatment method.

If you decide to continue with laser, electrolysis can sometimes be used to top up the hairs at a later stage.

I suggest that you come along for a FREE consultation with a fully qualified therapist who can assess your individual situation, check your skin type and then recommend the treatment procedure which is best for you.

Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Colaz Paddington

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