Milia Removal Post Blepharoplasty with CoLaz Laser Services

Milia removal post blepharoplasty by CoLaz advanced beauty specialists can ensure the fresh new look you wanted with eye lift surgery stays blemish free.

Face and eyelid lifts are beauty treatments that are supposed to make women look more beautiful and feel better about themselves. Learn more about what causes milia after surgery and your removal options below.

Milia Removal after . . . What?

You already know all about what milia are, but did you know that in addition to just showing up at any time, milia often surface after blepharoplasty, or eye lift surgery? Just for a quick recap, milia are those little white bumps that often emerge on soft facial skin when oil glands become blocked.

In the case of blepharoplasty, milia result because of hyperactive sebaceous (oil) glands after skin "trauma" (surgery). Usually your plastic surgeon will treat you right after surgery to try and prevent the milia from appearing at all. But if it turns out that up to a few months later you still have annoying little bumps and are otherwise recovered from the eye lift, milia removal post blepharoplasty by CoLaz can help.

Eyelid surgery is the second most common plastic surgery procedure performed on women in the UK, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). Recent comprehensive data shows that around 5,000 women and 1,000 men opted to get eye lifts in 2011, a 4.8 percent increase from the previous year.

You can see that it is a popular and growing surgical procedure, and for good reason. A simple eye lift can do wonders for improving the look and youthful appearance of your whole face.

Unfortunately, after some surgeries, men and women experience troublesome milia. However, the problem is much simpler to solve than tired eyelids were.

Milia removal post blepharoplasty involves either laser resurfacing or chemical peels to unblock the oil glands. CoLaz isn’t just the number one choice for affordable laser hair removal, but we’re also experts in the aesthetic laser arts.

A quick session can rid you of milia bumps and get your skin looking as new and healthy as you intended it to be.

One call to or just a click at CoLaz and we can have your consultation set up in no time. When you come in to any of our London locations, we can help you decide if your milia, or possibly syringomas, can be effectively removed by our expert technicians.

So click here to get started and inquire more. or set up your consultation for milia removal post blepharoplasty today.

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