Microdermabrasion Treatment At CoLaz in Southall Middx UK

by Angela

I visited the Colaz salon in Southall on 3rd August which was the first time I've used Colaz for a treatment. The treatment I booked was the microdermabrasion - 1 hour session. I was greeted at reception in a very warm, friendly and professional manner. I completed a questionnaire with some background information - fairly standard for most salons, so I wasn't surprised to be asked.

I was shown into the treatment room, which was very clean, tidy and organised. The atmosphere was appropriate with low lighting and soft music in the background.

The microdermabrasion treatment itself was very thorough and comprehensive. Although I haven’t had this specific facial before, I have had many facials in the past.

I chose the microdermabrasion facial because I usually prefer the deep cleansing variety e.g. Guinot cathioderm as it is important to me to feel my face has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated . So from this point of view I was impressed with the Colaz facial, especially as it helps smooth lines and wrinkles without the need for chemicals.

I also found it a very relaxing experience and my face afterwards felt very smooth and silky as well as feeling rejuvenated. I would certainly recommend this treatment and use it again myself. I’d give a 4 star rating.

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Microdermabrasion Facials Southall Middx

by Saira

I signed up for the special alert emails and luckily got exactly what I wanted! I bought a six session microdermabrasion course as I had heard so much about the benefits of having these facials.

The majority of my treatment was carried out by Tina at the Southall branch. Tina was able to easily answer all questions I had about Microdermabrasion. She was also able to give such soothing treatments, that I often felt very relaxed and almost sleepy by the end of our session! This was especially apparent when she applied the mask at the end of the facial.

I also had the advantage of receiving my treatment in a recently renovated treatment room. The added extra touches such as the ambient lighting and the sounds of the rainforest or waves crashing all culminated in a wonderful sixty minutes. It often felt like a spa day!

The results were hard to determine in the first few sessions, but by the end of the course I noticed a more even skin tone and much brighter skin.
I have also made sure I always use sun screen, as I now realise the importance!

I was so happy with the result that I have since purchased 12 more sessions!

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CoLaz Microdermabrasion treatment in Southall

by Henna

As soon as I entered the colaz clinic for my appointment the colleagues including the therapist and receptionist were so friendly and helpful.

They informed and answered all my queries immediately and in great detail, I was so impressed. As well as the amazing customer service the clinic was so clean and beautiful. As soon as I walked into the treatment room the atmosphere was really relaxing and calming.

The therapist insured that i was comfortable and relaxed then she began the procedure. The microdermabrasion was followed by a deep cleansing facial and both of them worked perfectly together to smooth out my skin and dry out my spots.

It was my first microdermabrasion session and already it has made a great difference to my skin.
I have dry skin with acne on the sides and after this procedure my skin did not feel flaky and dried out and my spots were visibly gone. My skin felt so smooth like a baby's bum.

The microdermabrasion procedure was not discomforting, my skin did go a little red but the redness went after a few minutes. After the microdermabrasion the therapist put on a deep cleansing face mask and also removed my blackheads.
The therapist tailored the procedure to my skin needs and she did a amazing job. All in all it was a fantastic experience and a very effective treatment I will definitely be going back for more treatments.

I highly recommend this place!

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CoLaz Microdermabrasion- great results!

by Zo

I visited the southall branch and from the moment I walked in I was really satisfied. I knew this was going to be a good treatment.

I was greeted by the receptionist who was really friendly and warm. I was barely waiting 5 minutes before the beautician came out and told me she was ready for me! I was soo impressed.

She was really professional and friendly and made me feel really comfortable. The procedure was explained well and the room was clean and tidy which is something I look for.

The treatment lasted 30minutes and I could feel a difference straight away! My skin felt clean and clear. As I have sensitive skin I did go red but the beautician used a cooling face mask on me after which really helped my skin calm down. I was recommended products to suit my skin type and I was given a lot of really helpful information.

Throughout the whole process the beautician made sure I was ok and was explaining what she was doing and what products she used on my face. The whole treatment was a very nice experience, I saw results the next day and I'm very very pleased and will definitely return to do more.

The Colaz salon really impressed me! It was nice and warm which is important when it's freezing outside so that really eases you into the whole process.

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Facial Treatment Microdermabrasion Southall West London

by Denise reilly
(Southall Middx)

I have always been really self conscious of the appearance of my skin and have always longed for a healthy clear, bright complexion.

Walking past the CoLaz clinic, I saw on the window that they did microdermabrasion which I heard is what celebrities get done which is how they achieve the fresh looking skin.

As soon as I walked into the clinic, I was met by very friendly therapists who immediately made time for me to have a consultation there and then. I was so impressed.

The therapist definitely seemed to have my best interests at heart. She then offered to fit me in straight away for a 30 minute micro facial. I was so happy and since have gone back many times due to their friendly but professionalism as well as their extremely fair prices.

I'm happy with the service and can not wait for my treatments. The salon just stands out and is spotless, I feel so welcome with the vibe I get walking into the salon & also thanks to the staff member who helped my needs in no time.

Comparing with other salons which are always noisy and often dirty I know I have made the right choice.


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Waxing, Microdermabrasion, Laser Treatment at Southall

by Navjeet M

I've been a regular client at the Southall Affordable Laser branch for almost over a year now, I believe my loyalty to this company is due to the great customer service, fantastic results and professionalism I have experienced throughout that time.

Every time I have visited for whatever the treatment, the front desk staff have been organised, friendly and reliable. They are well-informed, remember your face and by the click of a button can let you know the history and progress of your bookings.

When I have had my waxing in the past, the staff have made sure that they do the job properly and swiftly. The prices are definitely affordable in comparison to surrounding beauticians.

The microdermabrasion I have done approximately every three months to smoothe any blemishes or imperfections I develop over a period of time. I feel that it is much more effective than any other beauticians I have been to in the past, and have recommended many of my friends to visit some who have really bad scars and acne to those who have bad skin phases.

It definitely works better than the average facial or miracle creams, you'll notice the difference.

Currently, I'm undergoing laser treatments on my face, and must admit they have been working. This is another treatment that I've recommended to many to come and do at this branch.

The staff know what they're talking about, they go through a patch test and safety chat and presentation before u commit to the treatment and answer any questions you have on your mind.

The great thing about this company is that they inform you by text or email of any special deals that are on, which is well worthwhile and something I always look forward to receiving.

There's nowhere else in the vicinity I would think of going to.

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