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by Jenny

I am a woman who likes to be deliberate and with full awareness of how my skin looks. Taking good care of my skin usually comes first over anything else I do and that's why pretty much of my time has always been consumed at beauty treatment clinics. For a long time, I must admit I tried in vain to find a reliable beauty clinic. I just wasn't satisfied with the customer service I got and how after a therapy, my face looked just how it was before in every clinic went for a micro facial.
Then one day something happened...Driving past the colaz laser clinic in Derby, something caught my eye. Among the services they were offering, microdermabrasion was among them! I couldn't ignore a chance to dazzle my skin using such a proven service. I pulled over, and despite never having set foot there, I strolled in eager to give my face a treat, not knowing I was going to walk out with more than just that.
Very friendly therapists ushered me into the clinic, and what greeted me was how a spotless and extremely comfortable a clinic this was. From what my eyes saw, I immediately knew I was going to have a really great experience here. In a matter of seconds, I was able to have a consultation and got booked a therapist immediately.
This therapist knew just what I wanted to be done and immediately set me ready for a micro facial. The experience was so enjoyable because, with awesome therapists and all the comfort around you, I must admit I wanted it to go on forever. I can't forget the happiness in my when I looked at the mirror and saw a face I had long forgotten.
My face dazzled with a fresh young look, something no other microdermabrasion clinic I had visited had never achieved excellently. My excitement didn't end there, though, as during checkout, the cost of the service also amazed me. With all the wonderful treatment they had done to my face, I expected to be charged a few bucks higher than normal but I was wrong. I had to turn away the extra cash I had given out.
Since then, colaz has been my all time favourite and all this was due to that amazing experience and service I got when I first tried them. Currently, I also get laser hair removal from this amazing beauty clinic and I must tell you the quality of service is unmatchable. I would highly recommend them to anyone any day!
Jenny from Derby

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